What Kind of Washing Machine is Best Suited for You

November 8, 2017 blog-img

What factors should you consider when buying a washing machine?

  1. Decide whether you need a fully-automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine.
  2. Determine the specific kilogram capacity that you need to wash your clothes.


In the Philippines, one of the best home appliances you could get is a high-quality washing machine. It should offer you quick rinse cycles, efficient garment care, durability, and the capacity to wash all kinds of clothing materials.

Now, it could get quite confusing considering there are so many washing machines currently out on the market, and truth be told, the answer to what is the best washing machine could depend on your own needs, which is why you should ask yourself which one will suit you best.

Here are some factors that you could consider:



Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic

Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic?

Washing machines can either be fully automatic or semi-automatic. Basically, fully automatic units are more practical because they work faster and don’t take much effort at all to use. However, it does consume more water and power. Not to mention, it also can’t work without electricity. With this being said, it is safe to say that this kind of washing machine unit is for people who don’t want to spend much time doing their laundry.

Meanwhile, the semi-automatic one is for those who want to save money from their water usage and doesn’t mind spending more time doing their laundry.



Washing Machine Size

Consider the Specific Kilogram Capacity

When picking a size, you shouldn’t only think of the space you have at home; you should also think of your laundry load. If you have a washing machine with KG in the name, then that is the load capacity. This is basically how much clothes you can wash during one cycle – which is measured in weight. Going past this limit could break your unit, even if it’s one of the best home appliances in the Philippines. In addition, going below this capacity means that you won’t be using the machine fully and you’ll definitely be wasting money.

Also, this kilogram capacity refers to the weight of your clothes when they are dry, meaning they will get heavier once they got wet. To properly weigh your clothes and see what size of washing machine you need, don’t use a traditional weighing scale because this could get too time-consuming. Instead, you can use this rule of thumb:


1kg of laundry = 5 shirts; 1 shirt + 1 pair of denim jeans; 2 bath towels


Just do the math to find out how heavy your usual laundry load is. If you want something more specific, you can use the following tools:


New Life

(Source: New Life)



(Source: Dummies)


Laundry Load Weight

(Source: Laundry Load Weight)


After using any of these, you will be able to find out the weight of your usual load. From there, you can decide which washing machine, with its specific kilogram capacity, is suitable to wash the clothes in your home.


Key Takeaway

Before you buy a washing machine, do consider these factors to find out the one that will suit your needs. Determine if you want to use a fully-automatic or a semi-automatic one, as well as the kilogram capacity needed to wash your garments. All of this will lead to you making a worthy purchase.


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