A Timeline of Philippines’ Best TV

Despite the emergence of other forms of entertainment throughout the years, the best TVs in the Philippines continue to be a hit. Regardless of how much time has passed, television remains as one of the biggest and most influential forms of mass communication and, as a result, affordable TVs have become a necessity. After all, through this simple appliance, Filipino families can bond, be entertained, and be informed together after a hard day’s work.

However, for some manufacturers, cheaper TVs mean you get lower quality appliances. This is not the case with Fukuda; Fukuda is one of the leading brands when it comes to electrical appliances in the Philippines. One of the many appliances we offer are the best TVs in the Philippines which are not only affordable, but are superior in quality too!

Company Background

Fukuda is known as an appliance brand which was founded in 1994 by two brothers who grew up in Canada but settled here in the Philippines, and then later on created the Richburg Corporation. However, Fukuda’s popular products back in those early years were karaokes and radios. From there, they expanded; now, they currently offer other appliances such as DVD players, kitchen appliances, washing machines, ventilation products, garment cares, and televisions! Since our establishment, Fukuda was able to address the essential needs of our customers through developing high quality but affordable electronic products, ensuring that through the years, the company will enrich the lifestyles and technologies of people.

Providing Filipinos with top-quality products is not enough though. By 2007, Fukuda extended in Jakarta and Indonesia, holding the same goals and guided by the same principles. This ensures that the company will continue to provide customers with great service, proving that we listen to our customer’s needs and constantly innovate.

Comprised of 150 employees and other manufacturing partners, Fukuda was able to develop a nationwide distribution network that provides Filipinos and other Asian countries with topnotch products at an affordable price! We aim to be a top contributor of consumer electronics by delivering reasonably priced, world-class quality products to consumers.

Television in the Philippines

The start of science and technology development in the Philippines dates back to the early American period – the time where they wanted to focus on industrial technology but was greatly ignored. The University of the Philippines, as well as other science and technology-related companies effectively contributed to the innovation of technological devices in the country.

The first official television program in the Philippines aired in 1953. During this time, several academic experiments were done by notable innovators. Meanwhile, DZAQ-TV3 was the first television station in the country. At first, the TV station served as a medium for spreading information to the public, precisely as a vehicle for the reelection bid of the former President Quirino. However, many did not own a television so the program had difficulty airing and being known. The only places that had the best TVs in the Philippines during that time were restaurants, public areas, hotels, hospitals, and other prominent people.

The first channel lasted for 4 hours a day (from 6pm to 10pm) and ran advertisements, as well as borrowed films from foreign countries like cowboy movies and variety shows. As the show ran out of programs, they started to air stage plays to make up for the lost programs. Some of the popular radio/TV shows in those years were Tawag ng Tanghalan, Kuwentong Kutsero, and Student Canteen. Back in those days, Philippines’ best TVs certainly cost less than automobiles but the reception of the TV relied on electrical power and was not always available in the country due to power shortage.

Before, local TV networks were buying the rights of mediocre American TV programs instead of local ones because it was cheaper than the Philippine shows. What’s more, during that time, it meant a lot for a family if you own a television as it was dubbed as a great obsession of the country.

As the years have passed by, television evolved in many ways from sizes, resolution, TV cables, as well as programs being shown. This is due to innovations caused by many developers and scientists from all over the world. The Philippines currently has 3 top local TV stations namely ABS-CBN (formerly DZAQ-TV 3 merged with DZXL-TV 9), GMA, and TV5. Undoubtedly, in the future, people will come up with more discoveries that Filipinos can use to further enrich our lives.

Filipino Needs

The estimated minimum salary in the Philippines, as of 2015, ranges from PHP 10,000 to 14,000. If majority of Filipinos are earning just this much, practicality is necessary to save up money. Despite this, having an average salary doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to spend a lot; after all, your wage will certainly increase as you work for a long duration of time and you can always opt to apply for higher paying jobs. Still, it would be practical to refrain from spending money on very expensive things especially if they are not necessary.

Aside from that, it would certainly help if you purchase cheap appliances that you can use on a daily basis. Televisions are one of these appliances. Since teleseryes and movies are a big part of our culture, most households use their TVs on a daily basis. In addition, it is also a good channel for communication and information dissemination, which ensures that buying one of these appliances will definitely not be a waste of money.

Do not worry because not all inexpensive devices are made from low quality materials. Fukuda is one of the leading brands in the country that offer affordable but word-class products. We offer the best TVs in the Philippines that even average wage earners can afford so that they can enjoy their favorite shows in high definition at a low price.

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