Proper Karaoke Etiquette

January 8, 2018 blog-img

How can one practice proper karaoke etiquette?

  1. Not hogging the mic.
  2. Not hogging the songbook.
  3. Not walking in front of the monitor while someone is singing.
  4. Not stealing the mic.
  5. Not butchering the lyrics.


Karaoke is one of the many favorite pastimes Filipinos love to do! There’s nothing like enjoying a quality night with friends, accompanied by the very music you all know and love. This will be made extra special when you guys sing along your favorite tunes. With the best LED TV, along with high quality and affordable audio products from the Philippines, the night is definitely going to be one for the books! However, proper karaoke etiquette should be observed and practiced. By doing so, you and your friends will get to enjoy all night long.



Don’t Hog the Mic

Don’t Hog the Mic

This is actually one of the most basic forms of etiquette to be practiced while doing some karaoke. Sure, the best karaoke media players in the Philippines are packed with a myriad of songs you can’t wait to sing your heart out to. However, one thing to always remember is that you’re not the only one present in the group.

With that said, give your friends a chance to sing their favorite songs from the selection. If you really cannot wait for your turn, then consider performing a duet with your friends – as long as they are fine with it.




Don’t Hog the Songbook

This is another frustration encountered by many karaoke enthusiasts. In a group of singers and singers-at-heart, there’s going to be that one friend that absolutely hogs the songbook, which in turn frustrates the rest of the group as they can’t choose the songs they want to sing. If you happen to be one of those people, then this is something that should be kept in check!

When it comes to this, just simply choose the song you want to sing and pass the songbook to your other friends. Also, don’t take too long in choosing a song. If there’s anyone that really brings a hurdle to a nice night, it’s the person who can’t decide on the spot.



Don’t Walk in Front of the Monitor While Someone is Singing

Don’t Walk in Front of the Monitor While Someone is Singing

This is another thing that should definitely be avoided! When it comes to karaoke, lyrics are usually flashed in front of the screen of an LED TV of the best quality, which in turn, can really heighten up the experience for many karaoke fanatics. With this to consider, it is best that you should not walk or stand in front of the TV while one is singing as it can really put a hurdle on your karaoke night.



Don’t Steal the Mic

Don’t Steal the Mic

It is undeniable that everyone loves bringing out their inner diva every once in a while. When someone else is singing their song, it’s best not to steal the mic… ever. This will not only take your friend’s chance away from being Freddy Mercury while belting out the opera segment of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ this will also kill the fun mood in your group. Always remember that respecting everyone’s turn on the karaoke is a must since you also want to be respected when it is your turn to sing, right?



Don’t Butcher the Lyrics

Don’t Butcher the Lyrics

If one were to butcher the lyrics of a song, it really puts a damper on karaoke night for a lot of people. Lyrics are often displayed clearly on the screen of the best LED TVs to guide singers. The best way is to pick a song that you are familiar with or know by heart.  Sing the song properly by following along the lyrics on the LED TV screen.  If you cannot seem to keep up with the words, you can always ask a friend to help you out.


Key Takeaway

Having a karaoke night with the best LED TV is nothing short of fun! Just remember to abide by the rules we listed above, so that each of you will have your own spotlight and enjoy the night away.

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