A Guide to Electrical Appliances in the Philippines

While households vary from one another, more often than not they always contain the same essentials. In the Philippines, electrical appliances, basic furniture, wiring – all of them are necessities that one will commonly find in a house. Although all are valuable in their own rights, it is the electrical appliances that turn a house into a home.

Appliances are devices that make lives easier and comfortable. Without them, you will have to revert to old traditions and processes in order to perform basic tasks such as cooking, communicating, and viewing entertainment. In the Philippines, there are plenty of manufacturers of electrical appliances; among them is Fukuda – the leading provider of appliances that help improve Filipinos’ lives.

Electricity in the Philippines

Electricity is very important especially because without it, you cannot use your appliances. No matter how superior the qualities of your household devices are, they will be useless without a power source. In the Philippines, electricity sector or the division of power generation in the country is not a public operation, but it is regulated by the Energy Regulatory Commission or the ERC. ERC is a government agency that is responsible for issuing certificates of compliance to parties who engage in power generation to ensure that the standards set by the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2011 (EPIRA) are met.

Electricity is produced from different sources such as coal, natural gas, oil, and renewable sources such as wind, solar, and biomass. Despite this, the Philippines still sometimes experience power shortage, especially during the summer when hydropower is reduced. In result, random widespread power outages occur. Currently, Manila Electric Company, or Meralco, is the Philippines’ largest and only distributor of electrical power in Metro Manila.

Essential Appliances at Home

There are various electrical appliances that should be present in every household because they help make every house a home, a life full of comfort and ease. It is necessary to own these devices because without them, your life will be more difficult than it has to be.
Rice cookers are essential in every home because rice is a staple in every Filipino household. Together with Fukuda’s gas stove burners, mom or dad can make delicious viands that will surely taste better with perfectly cooked rice!

Electric fans are also necessary, especially for households that don’t have air-conditioning. Fukuda has different kinds of electric fans; we have small fans for personal use, bigger ground fans for a bigger coverage, and industrial fans that are very sturdy! Fukuda’s fans are made of durable plastic and saves energy, which is ideal for families who are trying to cut their electricity costs.

Don’t break your back washing clothes manually. Instead, invest in washing machines and clothing irons which are vital for garment care. It has never been easier to wash or to prepare sharp looking clothes with Fukuda’s washing machines and clothing irons!

Another primary appliance at home is the television. Filipinos love to watch TV; viewing noontime shows, afternoon soaps, or primetime programs is a form of family bonding activity that Filipinos are fond of. With Fukuda’s TVs, Filipinos can now enjoy their favorite shows in high definition, without spending too much money!

Since the Philippines is a developing country, electronics (among other things), should be affordable to the common Filipino. When appliances in the Philippines are available at a lower price, Filipinos – regardless of social standing – are able to provide their families with the necessary tools that would elevate their quality of lives.

However, when appliances are affordable, people immediately assume that they are made with low quality materials. This is just untrue; high quality does not have to be expensive, and expensive appliances are not necessarily made with high quality materials. Fukuda wants to provide Filipino families with high quality, affordable, and reliable electrical appliances in the Philippines that will perform longer and better than they expect.

Fukuda commits to making every Filipino’s home life more comfortable, enjoyable, and easier with electrical appliances in the Philippines that you can trust that will perform beyond expectation. Appliances should make life more convenient, but usually convenience means expensive. Despite this, Fukuda promises that its appliances are high quality but never expensive. Enjoy easier chores, cook effortlessly, cool down, laugh with your family while watching your favorite TV shows, and dress to impress with Fukuda’s home appliances!

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