7.0 Kg Single Tub Washing Machine Review

June 14, 2017 blog-img

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Doing household chores is such a hassle for someone that wants to spend their time with their family or friends instead. It’s something that I, personally, hate. However, completing these tasks is necessary in order to have a clean and tidy house.

One chore that people especially hate is washing dirty clothes. Even people, who live in countries that still hand wash their clothes, want an easier way of cleaning them. This is the reason why they end up searching for the best possible home appliances in the Philippines. They want to buy them in order to make their lives simpler.

It’s a good thing that Fukuda has developed a new washing machine; one that will solve your entire “dirty clothes” problem.

Do you want some proof that the 7.0 kg Single Tub Washing Machine is the best? Then, you may want to read some facts below:



7 kg Capacity

7 Kg Capacity


The first time I heard that this washing machine has a 7 kg capacity, I was really skeptical about it. I mean, can you imagine how a washing machine would work with 7 kg of clothes inside it? It could have been a complete disaster, but when I tried it out (by putting exactly 7 kg worth of clothes in the machine) it actually worked perfectly!

It didn’t make any noise or any sound that would’ve meant that it had trouble washing the clothes. I also tried other washing machines from various brands. Let me tell you what I found out, I realized that Fukuda’s was by far the most time and energy efficient one that I have tried!

I really recommend it to those that don’t want to spend their time going back and forth from the washing machine to put in sets of clothes; this will really reduce your washing time by a lot!



Damping Tempered Glass Lid

Damping Tempered Glass Lid


If you don’t know what a tempered glass is, it’s basically reinforced glass that can withstand the pressure that would normally break an ordinary glass. Fukuda coupled it with a damping process that makes the tempered glass become almost sound-proof. So, if you don’t like washing machines that produce a lot of noise while washing, maybe this one is for you!



Automatic Features

Automatic Features


The 7 kg Single Tub Washing Machine from Fukuda also has an automatic off function! It turns off once it senses that all the processes are done; I was able to save time and energy when I used it because even after I left it on and forgot to check on it, it still turned off by itself!

One other function that amazed me with this washing machine is its automatic imbalance correction. Basically, it senses whether there is something wrong with the extraction of water or soap in the machine. It will automatically adjust its system to correct the error, thereby reducing the damages on the inside of the washing machine!



Air Dry

Air Dry


Rather than the conventional dryer, the 7 kg Single Tub Washing Machine has the air dry function. I would say that it is better than the conventional one! It makes drying 30-40% faster, and there’s less wear on the clothes!

I was able to save so much time. Apart from that, I managed to save my clothes from eventual damage!


If I would use one word to describe the 7 kg Single Tub Washing Machine, it would be “revolutionary.” The features it brings to the table is years ahead of its competitors. Based on my experience, it will stay ahead for years to come!



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