Consumer Electronics in the Philippines and Their Impact in Our Lives

We are living in an age where electronics play a big part in our daily routines. Lives are easier ever since the invention of certain devices, especially electronic gadgets. Since the increase in the demand for electronics, many companies began to start manufacturing and distributing consumer electronics in the Philippines and all over the world. Locally, one company stood out among the rest and gained the trust of millions of Filipino consumers – Fukuda. Our products, which are both superior in quality and affordable, have benefited millions of Filipinos through the years.

Electronics in our Lives

Technology is heavily integrated in the modern world. Everywhere you look, you can find a number of gadgets that benefits mankind one way or another. Alarm clocks, for instance, are pretty helpful in the mornings. Meanwhile, television is a great way to spread information or entertain. Stereos, ovens, washing machines – all of them are devices that prove to be useful in fulfilling certain tasks.

These devices are available in the market and each of them serves a different purpose. Since various devices have different functions, it is not uncommon to own numerous electronics for one reason or another. In the end, they all make life for the modern man more efficient, convenient, and comfortable.

The Impact of Electronics

Consumer electronics, especially in the Philippines, are an integral part of Filipinos’ lives. Whether you are using the appliances at home, the machines present in your office, or simply browsing the internet through your smartphone, you are relying on electronic gadgets to fulfill an otherwise arduous task. Truly, electronic gadgets have a huge impact in the country and lives of millions of Filipinos.


In the Philippines, consumer electronics affect so many aspects of an individual’s life, including education. While books are still mostly one of the major sources of information, students and teachers alike can now supplement their educational experience through tools that allow them to connect to the internet. Using smart phones, laptops, or tablets, students can look for viable sources on the internet for their term papers or reports. Meanwhile, teachers can use the same gadgets to verify information or expand their knowledge regarding certain subjects. In fact, some schools are now integrating the use of computers since they offer plenty of benefits. Aside from making the class more entertaining, these devices also make learning easier!


Consumer electronics dominate the telecommunications industry as well. Mankind has gone far in terms of communication. In the past, people communicate with their friends through snail mails. Today, anyone can send electronic mails or emails through the internet! More than that, if you want to hear the voice of your loved ones, there are landline phones that you can use. If you need something more portable, you can use a cellular phone instead – the smaller and transportable version of landline phones. Through them Filipinos have the advantage of being able to make calls anywhere and anytime they need to. Moreover, these small electronic gadgets usually have several other uses that one cannot see in landline phones.


Almost everything has become electronic, even photography! Digital cameras are the result of an evolution from mechanical and film cameras to something more advanced. One advantage of owning a digital camera is that it is no longer limited by the capacity of film media. In addition, it allows photographers to see the pictures right away to know if additional shots are needed. The use of digital media storage also enhances and speeds up the processing of pictures, which reduces costs along the way.

Electronic devices are important in the lives of Filipinos. Technology – which refers to bringing together tools to ease creation, use, and exchange of information – makes executing tasks and solving problems easier. As technology continues to advance, the impact it leaves in the lives of people increases as well. Fukuda is one of the leading brands when it comes to consumer electronics in the Philippines. Our products have served millions of our countrymen throughout the years and will continue to benefit more Filipinos in the years to come. Visit our products page for more information!