Make Your LED TV Last Longer: 5 Ways to Maintain Your Television in Good Condition

December 12, 2016 blog-img

Home entertainment appliances – such as TVs – are very affordable in the Philippines. A number of good deals are waiting for you especially if you know exactly where to look.

Currently, most people prefer to buy LED TVs because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. You’ll surely get your money’s worth because you’ll be able to enjoy watching your favorite shows in your LED display for a long time. However, lack of proper care can shorten the lifespan of your device. To ensure that you’ll get to enjoy your LED TV for a long amount of time, here are some tips that you should follow: 



One of the main reasons why LED TVs fail to last long is because they often overheat. Prevent this from happening by leaving some room for your TV to breathe. Its ventilation system can be found behind the screen so make sure that there is at least 4 inches of space between your device and the wall. Most LED displays today can be mounted on the wall, but that may cause your device to overheat. Instead of doing that, consider setting it atop an entertainment center or a table. 


Install a Voltage Regulator

Another thing that you can do to ensure the longevity of your LED TV is to install and use a voltage regulator – a device that is utilized to protect appliances from voltage fluctuations. For sure, there are several electronic appliances that can be found in your home. Power dips will ultimately happen from time to time, especially if you use them all at once. What you might not know is that although these dips may be temporary, they can be detrimental to your LED’s power caps. Installing a voltage regulator will protect your LED display and other appliances too. 

Adjust the Contrast

Contrast is where you can control the difference between the darkest and the brightest colors displayed on your screens. Usually, there are four options that you can choose from: vivid, dynamic, standard, and movie.

Vivid and dynamic settings provide higher contrasts than standard and movie. LED showrooms prefer to use them because they display the best picture. However, they are not exactly doing you a favor because they tend to use more power compared to the other two options. The LED lights in your TV will also burn faster if you have a higher contrast set up. So think about adjusting your device’s contrast to standard or movie. 


Alter Brightness

If you wish to maintain the quality pictures that your LED TV produces for years, then be sure to alter its brightness settings. They work much like your contrast settings; higher brightness means more power is being used by your TV. And the higher the brightness levels, the more hours are removed from your display’s lifespan.

Alter it to “medium room,” “dark room,” “home,” or “film” to adjust it according to your room’s lighting. 

Conserve Power by Turning the TV Off

The simplest thing you can do to make sure that your LED TV will last long is to turn it off. Some people think it is okay to leave their displays open to provide background noise; they believe that 60,000 hours is a long time to burn through. However, what they don’t know is that leaving their TVs for 3 hours could equate to about 1,000 hours per year – meaning that their LED TVs are probably not going to last long. That is why, when not in use, you should always turn your display off.

Remember to follow these tips in order to maintain your LED TV in good condition. They will help you save energy and ensure the longevity of your device.

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