Kitchen Appliances Philippines: The Philippine Food Culture

“Home is where the heart is.” – Gaius Plinius Secundus (Pliny the Elder)

A house is not a home without its true heart: the kitchen. This is the room where your mother or father prepares all the satisfyingly nutritious food that you have come to love, using only high-quality kitchen appliances in the Philippines. It is a far contrast to the takeout meals that you start to consume at an increasing amount as you grow older and start to live on your own.

Admit it, even after moving out, you still crave a home cooked baon that you can take with you to work. After all, the Philippines is not only famous for its gloriously tropical weather, it is also home to some of the best foods! Although the country’s geographic location places us smack in the middle of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire, earthquakes and typhoons will never hinder us from enjoying the various culinary recipes in the country.

The Importance of Quality

The Philippines is a developing country that recognizes the importance of having quality appliances, such as the most efficient kitchen appliances in the Philippines, that will last for a long time. Filipinos believe in purchasing quality appliances that suit the needs of their families. Fukuda Asia is a company that brings quality and excellence to its customers at an affordable price, best suited for the common Filipino family.

The kitchen is the place where Filipino families go to converge and talk about their days while feasting on delicious meals. Mothers usually prepare the food, while the children help out with preparing the table. Fathers, meanwhile, provide entertainment to lift everyone’s moods after a hard day’s work at school or at the office. High-quality kitchen appliances are what make the house a home by providing the family with materials that would help make cooking an easier and more enjoyable task.

The Filipino Food Culture

The Philippines is an agricultural country rich in natural resources, with great tropical weather ideal for growing crops like rice, sugar cane, coconut, and casava. Rice is a staple food in every household all over the country that is paired with a selection of nutritional viands containing meat or fish. Sometimes, they even come with a tasty vegetable side dish especially since there is an abundance of veggies in the country!

Viands can also be one-pot meals like sinigang or bulalo – meals that are cooked using various ingredients and best paired with the ever-present rice. Simply put, the viand is always different, but rice is perpetually present. This is a good thing because rice is a source of carbohydrates that fuel your body with energy in order to function well throughout the day. Fukuda’s line of quality, affordable rice cookers are tantamount to every Filipino family’s selection of ideal and best kitchen appliances in the Philippines. Along with the staple rice cooker that Filipino families consider a necessity, Fukuda also has a line of durable, quality gas stove burners made available in affordable prices.

It is important to remember that just because some products are expensive, does not mean that they will last a long time. In the end, it will still depend on how you handle these tools; if you use them with care, they will surely endure time and continue to function at its best despite its age.

When it comes to your kitchen, choose Fukuda, we offer only the best world-class kitchen appliances in the Philippines. Like most of our products, our kitchen devices are made in high quality materials and produced with every Filipino family’s ease of use in mind. This is because Fukuda values customer needs and aims to provide products that would answer these necessities, at an affordable price.

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