5 Tips On Choosing Between Gas Vs Electric Stove

May 12, 2021 blog-img

What are the tips when choosing between a gas and electric stove?

  1. Evaluate the installation process
  2. Compare the difference in appearance
  3. Assess your cooking needs
  4. Consider the cleaning and maintenance
  5. Think about your budget

If you’re moving to a new home or redecorating your cooking space, one of the decisions you have to make is choosing the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines. With daily use, you need them to be reliable, durable, and easy to use. This allows you to cook your family’s favorite foods, whether it’s beef kaldereta, pork sinigang, or fried tilapia. To help you, here are some tips when choosing between gas vs electric stove. Keep on reading!

Evaluate The Installation Process

Evaluate The Installation Process

When purchasing any kitchen appliance, the first thing you need to consider is the installation process. After buying your electric stove, it can be placed on top of your kitchen counter and plugged in when you’re ready to cook.

On the other hand, before you can use a gas stove, you need to secure a stable gas supply. It needs to be securely connected before your appliance can be used. Although it requires a bit of effort, you only need to do this every time you run out of gas.

If you’re going to rent an apartment or move to a condominium, there might be some guidelines regarding kitchen stoves. Some places might only allow electric appliances while others give you permission to use both gas and electric stoves. Before buying anything, understand these guidelines or talk to the manager first.

Compare The Difference In Appearance

If you’re into minimalist designs, you will appreciate the portability and standalone features of the Fukuda FES27C Single Electric Stove. Its size makes it the perfect choice for small spaces.

But some cooks prefer the rustic look of the burner trivets on gas stoves and the feeling of cooking on an open flame. It can remind them of professional chefs in restaurants and cooking shows. If you’re used to one, it might also remind you of home.

For gas stoves, you also have numerous design options to choose from. Do you need tempered-glass stove tops for a sleek kitchen? Go for the Fukuda FGS800GL Double Burner Gas Stove. Meanwhile, the Fukuda FGS710S Stainless Gas Stove would look good in an industrial-inspired space. You can also opt for single burner variants if you have a limited cooking room.

Assess Your Cooking Needs

Assess Your Cooking Needs

When it comes to the cooking itself, electric and gas stoves offer different benefits. Cookers with electric coils heat up more slowly but it holds lower temperatures well if you’re simmering your pork adobo for 30 minutes. But if you’re new to this type of burner, you should leave it to cool off for a few minutes after turning the switch off.

In comparison to these features, gas stoves provide instant results when you’re changing the temperature setting. It performs well with a high heat setting so you can toast and char your ingredients—such as a tortilla. These stoves also heat up and cool down quickly, so you can make your dishes faster. Once you turn off the ignition knobs, you can also leave your pots on the burner without fear of overcooking.

With minor adjustments in your cooking style, you can make your favorite foods whichever option you choose.

Consider The Cleaning And Maintenance

Both electric and gas stoves are easy to clean even for busy moms. Fukuda’s tempered glass tops, stainless steel materials, and Teflon-coated stoves are smooth, preventing dirt and residue from sticking. You can also lift the trivets of gas burners to get rid of any build-up liquids. When it comes to electric coils, The Fukuda FES27C also has a non-stick coating so you don’t have to scrub as hard to clean the stains.

For maintenance, electric stoves are slightly easier to take care of. Because this kitchen appliance only needs to be plugged in, you can use it anytime you want to cook. Gas stoves require a bit of effort because the fuel source needs to be maintained regularly. But because an LPG tank can last for a long time, you only need to replace it every few weeks.

Think About Your Budget

Think About Your Budget

When you’re purchasing single burner stoves, the price range of a gas and electric stove doesn’t differ so much. Both can be bought for less than a thousand pesos at Fukuda!

Other than the cost of the stoves themselves, you also need to consider the usage expenses. Because you only need to replace gas tanks a few times a year, a gas stove is cost-effective. If you’re worried about electricity bills, most electric coil stoves these days are also economical.

Key Takeaway

When choosing between a gas vs electric stove, you need to consider the installation, appearance, cooking features, maintenance, and cost. While there might be some differences and a few adjustments, both can help you prepare your daily meals without a hassle.

If you’re looking for gas and electric stoves, you can check out Fukuda’s kitchen appliances! With affordable and functional single and double burners, you can find the right products for your needs.

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