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Fukuda Asia’s Partnership with SEO Philippines

Fukuda is one of the many companies that have seen the power that SEO Philippines can do for businesses like what Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si has achieved over the years. Over two decades in the business and Fukuda has established itself as the homegrown brand for every household in the country. From 1994 up to present, the brand has always listened to the needs of the customers who want to afford the best line of consumer electrical products that not only match expectations but exceed it.

Its rich history of catering to different lifestyles and technologies has made itself evident in the lives of many people, significantly changing them in the process. Get to know more about Fukuda and how SEO has helped the brand scale up for their clientele.

The brand makes it a point to be the best for its customers by offering world-class consumer electrical appliances that break the status quo in the industry.

Fukuda’s Early Beginnings

Fukuda has flourished in innovation even during the early years of karaoke equipment and cassette radios. This allowed them to expand their product line so that they can offer appliances such as electric and industrial fans. For the daily needs of families, they also innovated with kitchen home appliances and other audio/video equipment. It was in 2007, that Fukuda has spread its wings to expand regionally to Jakarta, Indonesia and they succeeded with it as well.

The company and the team behind it have thrived in their commitment to their customers because they are one of the few brands that can truly say that they listen to customer needs well and thoroughly. Because of this, they are constantly challenged to bring something new to the table which is why they remain successful today.

Fukuda enriches people’s lives by giving them convenience and constant innovation. From their early years, they see to it that their consumer electronics be a part of many people’s lifestyles because this is how they are going to significantly make a shift for it.

Their rich and colorful history made the brand strong all throughout.

Richburg Corporation

Fukuda has become the powerhouse brand it is today because of the family history surrounding its inception. It was all made possible by two brothers who were originally based in Canada then returned to the Philippines almost twenty years ago and founded the Richburg Corporation.

This is when Richburg Corporation has constructed a solid distribution network nationwide. Richburg and Fukuda have since then become one of the leading brands in the distribution of consumer electronics in the Philippines. With products of world-class quality offered at reasonable prices complemented by exemplary customer service, Fukuda has set itself up as a successful name in the industry.

Modern homes cannot be without Fukuda appliances, they have become a staple across the archipelago which says a lot about their values as a brand. As all Fukuda products go through its technical and rigorous testing procedures, a family has experienced convenience because of it.

The appliances’ wide range of additional specialized features has made it a long-standing player in the consumer electronics industry. Top that off with affordability, and you have the best way to maintain relationships with clients, manufacturing partners, and business partners. More than an appliance distributor, Fukuda is a solutions provider for many people.

Fukuda’s Experience with SEO Philippines

Elevating the lives of many people comes with becoming a part of that lifestyle well enough to keep up with the times. The digital market has become the best place to increase visibility for your business. Organic traffic has always been a powerful metric of digital marketing success and this is what Fukuda has experienced when they worked with the SEO Hacker team.


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On top of that, there is also a dramatic increase in traffic since Fukuda has started doing SEO. Before actively ranking for the recommended keywords, the site had 150-2000 users visiting it but after SEO, it has shifted to 2000-4500 users on average.


This is a brief overview of SEO’s significant benefits for a business. With Fukuda’s legacy, the SEO Hacker team has helped empower the company even more. With the digital market leading the shift in businesses today, it is no surprise that SEO has helped a great deal in helping Fukuda achieve its goals.