7 Washing Machine Maintenance Tips To Properly Take Care Of Your Home Appliance

March 10, 2021 blog-img

What are the tips for washing machine maintenance?

  1. Level your washing machine to the ground
  2. Maintain the proper load size
  3. Check the pockets for items before washing
  4. Use the right amount of detergent
  5. Remove clean load immediately
  6. Clean the lint filter regularly
  7. Replace the hoses every three years

As a homemaker, you probably see piles of laundry every single day. Sweaty work clothes, dirty children’s outfits, and dusty curtains—handwashing these would be impossible all at once. That’s why aside from the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines, your home is probably equipped with a washing machine too. Because of the number of items you need to wash, taking care of this device is necessary. To help you, here are seven washing machine maintenance tips!

Level Your Washing Machine To The Ground

Level Your Washing Machine To The Ground

A new washing machine can make you feel excited. After all, your laundry chore will become more convenient. But before you put your first load, you should first assess your floors. With uneven ground, this home appliance can rock back and forth—leading to damaged walls and nearby items.

If you don’t do this, your washing machine can work twice as hard for each load. With constant vibrations and banging, your appliance could be damaged early—costing you an expensive fix.

Maintain The Proper Load Size

If you’re short on time or just feeling a little bit lazy, there is a good chance that you overload your washing machine. While this device won’t break down after a single load, constant abuse will damage the drum and put stress on the bearings.

If you don’t overload your appliance, you can expect more space for your clothes to move—leading to a cleaner laundry. If you have a large family, it’s a good idea to have a washing machine that can handle at least 8.5 kilos of dirty clothes. This way, you don’t have to divide your loads into smaller portions.

Check The Pockets For Items Before Washing

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Are you ever in a hurry that you forgot to remove the coins in your jeans before washing? If you skip the sorting process, this can ruin your clothes and your washing machine. Even something as small as a coin can damage the drums—which is an expensive fix.

Because coins are made of solid materials, they can also block the drainpipe or shatter a glass lid. To avoid this problem, sorting your clothes can help. You should also make sure not to leave important items, such as cash, phones, jewelry, and other accessories in the pockets of your clothing.

Use The Right Amount Of Detergent

If your child had too much fun during playtime—by jumping on muddy puddles and sweating it out—you might feel stressed about the dirty laundry. Most people know that the natural reaction to this is adding more detergent.

But did you know that excess detergent can only do more harm than good? The water released can’t properly rinse the soap, leading to a residue. When these build up, both your clothes and the washer will produce an unpleasant odor. Other than that, the gunk can also get trapped in the machine components—leading to damage. Fortunately, you can soak your laundry first in a washing machine with a preset function.

Remove Clean Load Immediately

Remove Clean Load Immediately

As a homemaker, there are other tasks that require your attention such as cooking and vacuuming. Because you can leave your washing machine while it cleans your clothes for you, it is easy to forget that you’re doing the laundry.

If you don’t want your clothes to come out smelling like mildew, avoid leaving them in the washer for more than 8 hours. If you can, remove them immediately after every wash. This way, mold won’t build up in your drum. It is also useful to keep the lid open after every use to let the air circulate.

Clean The Lint Filter Regularly

Lint is the small fibers that can separate from the fabric. Because it can attach to your clothes, it makes them look fluffy. If neglected, it can also clog up your machine pipes and home’s plumbing. Fortunately, there is a lint filter in your washing machine that can keep fuzz away from your clothes while also ensuring proper drainage.

To keep this filter in the best condition, regular cleaning makes a tremendous difference. If it is removable, you can soak it in hot water to remove the residue from the detergent. After that, remove the lint with a brush or paper towel.

Replace The Hoses Every Three Years

Replace The Hoses Every Three Years

By providing a water supply and drainage system for your washing machine, hoses are constantly subject to pressure. With daily use, this can lead to bulges and cracks that can lead to water leaks. Because of this, inspection before and after each wash is vital.

This way, your washing machine will perform in its best condition. With enough water supplied to the drum, your clothes will be rinsed properly each time. Other than that, it will also prevent high water bills caused by leaks.

Key Takeaway

Every home appliance improves your quality of life by lessening your chores. But if you want to use it for a long time, proper care and usage are vital. Because Fukuda’s products are made with durable and rust-proof materials, washing machine maintenance is simple and effortless. By following these tips, you can expect clean and fresh-smelling clothes for years to come.

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