The 4 Different Types Of Rechargeable Fans And Their Uses

February 17, 2021 blog-img

What are the different types of rechargeable fans?

  1. Handheld Fan
  2. Aromatherapy Neck Fan
  3. Desk Fan
  4. Solar Fan

Due to the hot and humid weather in the Philippines, most people carry a rechargeable fan with them. You will see this handy appliance being used especially when summer is approaching. But did you know that there are different types of rechargeable fans? These are especially useful during brownouts. Continue reading to learn more.

Handheld Fan

Handheld Fan

Gone are the days when you have to bring your traditional folding hand fan with you outside. It’s not the most effective because you have to keep fanning yourself. This can get tiring and just adds to the heat and perspiration.

With Fukuda’s Rechargeable Handheld Fan, however, you gain the power of a battery-operated product with the portability of the conventional hand fan. It is also foldable, pocket-sized, and easy to carry.

To give you an idea, here are some situations in which it can be used:

  • Resting after cycling or hiking a few kilometers
  • Commuting in jeepneys and LRTs
  • Waiting in line in malls and government offices
  • Sightseeing in hot destinations
  • Cooling off your companions who are not used to the heat

This is one of the most affordable handheld fans in the market, but you will be assured of its quality and build. It also comes in two functional speeds that you can adjust anytime.

Aromatherapy Neck Fan

Aromatherapy Neck Fan

Do you often feel stressed out? Self-proclaimed titos and titas will usually have their very own stash of essential oils in their bags. Some also use these fragrant solutions to fall asleep. But what if you could combine a rechargeable fan and aromatherapy?

With Fukuda’s Aromatherapy Neck Fan, you can benefit from these two things. The Aromatherapy Neck Fan can be useful in a lot of ways:

  • Functions as a handheld rechargeable fan
  • Relaxes your mind when you’re stressed and anxious
  • Provides a nice scent in places with bad odors
  • Helps change your mood instantly

The best thing with a neck fan is you don’t have to hold it. You can wear it around your neck and use it while you’re walking, playing games, watching movies on your phone, or even cooking. The Fukuda brand can even be adjusted at a 360° angle for better comfort.

The Fukuda Aromatherapy Neck Fan is available in black and green. It also offers 3-speed settings and 2 lighting changes.

Desk Fan

Desk Fan

Did you know that even desk fans can be rechargeable? With higher velocity power, you can expect better cooling function from these appliances. They can also provide comfort for more people both inside and outside a home even without a power outlet.

Combining both function and portability, the Fukuda Rechargeable Desk Fan comes in a 6-inch size. It can last up to 7 hours on a single charge with 4-speed controls and 3 timer settings. Because of its rechargeable 2400 mAh battery and portable size, it can be used in various applications:

  • Camping overnight on a beach
  • Traveling to outdoor locations with family
  • Having a picnic with your loved ones
  • Included as a part of your brownout preparedness kit

For an affordable price, you can have your own functional rechargeable desk fan that you can also use every day. It comes in light blue and navy blue colors to suit your preferences.

Solar Fan

Solar Fan

Staying in an area with no access to a power outlet for a long time? If you don’t have a power bank, you can instead harness the energy of the sun to power up your rechargeable fan.

Fukuda’s Rechargeable Solar Fan can be charged in two ways. You can use the USB cord to plug it into your home’s socket or just put it in an area exposed to the sun’s rays. It also comes with an LED light if ever you need one.

You can use a solar fan in the following situations:

  • Camping or glamping for extended periods in remote areas
  • Prolonged brownouts when all power banks are depleted
  • You want to cut down on electricity use and energy bills

Generally, you can use this appliance for the same reasons as you would a rechargeable desk fan. The solar feature is a nice addition especially if you want to use your limited power resources for other things such as charging your phone.

Key Takeaway

These different types of rechargeable fans will help you cool down in your everyday life, whether you’re staying at home, waiting in line, traveling to remote locations, staying at outdoor areas for long periods, experiencing a brownout, or just stressed out.

To make sure that you’re only getting the best quality of products for an affordable price, make sure to purchase Fukuda products! If you’re interested, these appliances can be delivered to your home. Click here to order now.

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