4 Types of Electric Fans

September 30, 2021 blog-img

What are the different types of electric fans?

  1. Desk Fans
  2. Wall Fans
  3. Stand Fans
  4. Rechargeable/Solar Fans

Beating the heat is something people want to do to keep comfortable. For those who can’t afford any air conditioning, or simply don’t want to buy one, the best way to do it is by buying an electric fan. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found in almost any place where there are people. While they can be used in any setting, these types of electric fans are the most useful and commonly found everywhere.

Because of the high temperatures that we feel in the day, electric fans have found their way into our homes, schools, offices, churches, or any other place where we would have to stay for some time. To accommodate these needs, manufacturers have developed different kinds of electric fans over the years. Take a look at the list below to learn more!

Desk Fans

Desk Fans

Desk fans, also known as table fans, are small electric fans that can be placed on most surfaces that can hold their weight. They can be placed on a desk or on a table to help cool you down from a better and closer angle than other fans. Their small size also makes them easier to carry around and adjust their position to what would work best.

If you were in an office, using a desk fan could help you circulate the air around you, nearer to your body. This means that in addition to cooling you down, the air you breathe won’t be stagnant. At home, these fans can easily be moved from room to room should the need arise. Their long cords make it easier to use even from a distance from a wall socket. They also need less power to function.

Although it’s less powerful than the other kinds, desks fans make up for their power relative to portability. The small size makes them easy to move around, but they’re still powerful enough to keep the air circulation in an average-sized room flowing. All in all, the desk fan is reliable and convenient to have in any indoor setting.

Wall Fans

Wall fans, as the name suggests, are fans that are mounted on a wall. These fans have a lot of similarities with the desk fan. When placed together side by side, they would look roughly the same size on average. But their designs make this occurrence rare.

Wall fans are generally more powerful than stand fans. And since they are mounted on a wall, they make the air circulation in the room flow better. They are pointed straight towards the room, so they are usually installed high up on a wall to maximize the cooling and circulating effect. They don’t have the portability that desk fans have, but they are more powerful in general. Unfortunately, and this depends on the brand and model, they have a reputation of being noisy.

Being up on the wall means it wouldn’t take up any floor or desk space, but it also comes with the need for extra installation procedures. If you are unfamiliar with or have no experience with the tools needed for the installation, you might want to ask someone for help to do this. Industrial wall fans use more power than the common household type, but they would cool a room faster and better if placed on a good spot.

Stand Fans

Stand Fans

If a place can spare enough space for a stand fan, then it is probably a good idea to invest in one. Stand fans are bigger and sturdier fans that are placed on the floor since they’re tall enough to get the air circulating around the room without having to be mounted on anything. Of all the fans discussed so far, the stand fan is the most powerful.

These fans are ones that you can rely on to keep even bigger rooms cool with the air moving around, while also knowing that they can last for a long time. They’re built with more durability but less portability. They’re heavier and not as easy to move to different locations, so they are often left at one place for long periods.

Rechargeable/Solar Fans

Rechargeable/Solar Fans

Sometimes, the heat just gets to us in places we don’t expect or where we can’t go away from. In these instances, having a rechargeable fan would definitely help you cool down no matter the location.

These types of fans are the smallest ones that we know, and with the weakest power to push air around. However, they are also the most portable. You can keep one in your bag or just hold one in your hand while walking around. They were meant for personal use mostly, so don’t expect one to be cooling down entire rooms of people.

Aside from that, rechargeable fans don’t need to be connected to an outlet to work. If you’re constantly on the move, then these types of fans are definitely good choices for you.

Key Takeaway

Each of the items on the list has its own pros and cons. All types of electric fans are useful in their own way, and in the purpose that they were designed to fulfill. Should you be needing portability, or more powerful fans, or even fans that you can keep in your bag, there is definitely one in the market for you.

Have you decided what type of electric fan you need? Try visiting the store on our website to find what you’re looking for, or you may contact us if you have any inquiries!

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