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April 27, 2016 blog-img

Although family has the biggest influence in a child’s life, various forms of media also contribute in shaping young minds. Buying affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines like TVs expose children to several learning options that can be beneficial for your child. However, in some instances, wrong information is proliferated through these mediums and – instead of learning – your child ends up soaking incorrect data. Since media has the ability to influence how an individual thinks and behaves, parents are encouraged to help their children develop healthy TV habits as early as possible.

Everything in Moderation

There’s really nothing wrong in watching TV shows, so long as it’s in moderation. There are a lot of shows that are your kids can enjoy like Sesame Street, Postman Pat, and Blue’s Clues. Many of these shows promote friendship and positive values such as kindness and generosity. They also help in improving children’s vocabulary! Some shows are also beneficial in introducing new concepts which can be helpful for kids who have yet to go to school. You’ll find plenty of shows that teach kids to  count numbers, interacting with other people in order to make new friends, and pronounce certain words.

Take Note of Classification Ratings

As parents, you should take note of the quality of the programs that your children watch as well as the amount of time that they spend in front of the TV. Take note of the classification rating of your kids’ favorite shows; is it G, PG, or SPG? It’s why TV Parental Guidelines were created – so you, as the parent, can know and choose the program suited for your child. Remember though, these guidelines are only used for local listings and not with news programs, where violent and morbid images may be broadcasted.


Keep a Journal

Once you got to know the rating and types of programs that your children love to watch, it’s time for you to keep track of the amount of time that they spend watching. Record these data in a journal or even in your phone so can oversee their TV habits effectively. It is recommended that children in the toddler stage watch TV for only 1-2 hours daily. Meanwhile, those who are under 2 years old should not watch TV at all. Make reasonable rules for your children regarding their TV time and don’t make any exceptions. If you say that they can watch for an hour and a half or no TV during the weekdays, be firm about it; It’s for your child’s benefit too.

Watch TV with Your Kids

If possible, sit down and watch television with your children. That way, you will be able to know the benefits a certain show can offer to your child. If you see hints of violence like slapstick comedy or innuendos, you can always switch it to another channel.  It’s also a good idea to research about shows that you can let your kids watch beforehand.

It’s only normal for parents to be concerned about the programs that their children are watching. The shows’ content is as important as the time your child spends watching so make sure to monitor both. With the right amount of care and guidance, your child can develop healthy TV habits that they will retain as they grow older.

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