Tips on Setting up your Home Entertainment System

August 14, 2017 blog-img

Home entertainment set-up tips:

  1. Draft a floor plan.
  2. Place your furniture properly.
  3. Be mindful of the lighting.
  4. Keep the wiring neat and organized.
  5. Keep the room quiet and minimize the unnecessary noise.



One of the best things you can have in your home is a quality entertainment system. With a good amount of hard work and saving up, you too can afford to buy the best home appliances available in the Philippines to create that wonderful home entertainment setup you’ve always wanted. Having a home entertainment set-up in your home would not only make your living room look better, but would also keep your friends and family entertained for a good number of hours. It also works for parties as well! Here are some tips to help you set up your own home entertainment system.



What you need in your home entertainment system


  • LED TV Set

The centerpiece of your entertainment system, the LED TV provides you with quality viewing due to its wide screen and high picture quality.


  • MIDI and DVD Player

Not only you can play high-quality videos with this device, but you can also play some of your favorite hits and sing along using its MIDI feature that turns it into your own videoke player. Thus, this MIDI and DVD player is truly perfect for party nights!


  • Home Theater Speakers

Other than high picture quality, you must also have a great audio quality that gives you that extra kick when you watch action movies.


  • Microphone

A videoke set-up would not be complete without a microphone. You can buy two of these so you can belt out those powerful duets with your friends and family.


  • Digital Box (With Antenna)

Go channel surfing using this digital box that gives you a strong cable signal that lets you watch your favorite shows uninterrupted, along with providing you a diverse set of channels to choose from.



Draft a Floor Plan

When in doubt, draft a floor plan

If you are having challenges and difficulties when it comes to setting up at first, it is best to lay out the plan beforehand. Measure the layout of your room so that you would be able to determine where to properly place your devices and furniture. This can also help you visualize your final set-up and make sure that things would be in the right order.



Furniture Placement

Furniture placement

Before placing your entertainment devices to where they should be, it is best to arrange your furniture accordingly. It is best to place your seats in the middle of the room so that your speakers’ surround sound capabilities would be maximized. Next, position tables and shelves out of the way, and yet within reach if needed.

After placing the seats and the tables, you can now determine the best location to place your TV and speakers. Speaker placement is key, as the right positioning would help maximize your sound set-up. Take the 2.1 speaker set-up, for example

To give you that surround sound experience, place the two primary speakers on the side of your TV set, around 3 to 4 feet away from the center of the TV. Raise your side speakers until they are close to the height of the listener. Next, angle your speakers to about 22 to 30 degrees so that it will face the listener. For the subwoofer, you can place it anywhere around your TV set, except for the corners and near enclosed spaces, which will cause the subwoofer to be overpowering and too loud.



Light It Up

Light it up (and dim it down)

One of the important things that you have to take into account is the amount of lighting you will get in the room. It is recommended that you place thick curtains in your entertainment room, so that you would be able to emulate the cinema experience whenever you decide to watch your favorite movies. It is also important to provide ample lighting for regular use. Finding the right lighting balance would help make your home entertainment area stand out and make your home look better.



Keep Wires Clean

Keep the wires clean

One of the things that you must do to your home entertainment set-up is to make sure that your wires are well-hidden from view. This would not only make your room look better, but it would also prevent that unnecessary clutter that wires bring. This can also help prevent the onset of electrical fires, which can not only harm your home entertainment set-up but can also devastate your home. You can use wire clamps and tapes to keep them together and use the back spaces of the cabinets to store them. You can also stick labels to know which device is plugged in or not.



Keep the Room Silent

Keep the room quiet

One of the best ways to maximize your audio experience is by eliminating all forms of unnecessary noise in the room. You can do your own DIY sound dampening using egg cartons and other pieces of cardboard. You can also add a bit more tables and chairs so that the sound would be absorbed, which prevents the room from becoming an echo chamber.



Key Takeaway

Having a home entertainment system at your home is guaranteed to provide you some nice thrills and some quality fun with your friends and family. Whether it is having a videoke night, a movie night, or a simple plain viewing, having your own home entertainment system would add some more color in your house. If you are looking for quality home entertainment devices, you can view Fukuda’s products here.

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