6 Things To Consider When Buying A Fan

October 12, 2021 blog-img

What are some things to consider when buying a fan?

  1. Power
  2. Location
  3. Size and portability
  4. Safety
  5. Noise
  6. Cost

Using an electric fan is a cost-friendly and efficient way to stay cool wherever you may be. With the state of the economy today, keeping your AC on day in and day out may prove to be very costly and not energy-efficient at all. The versatility of electric fans proves that they can fit in almost any place at any time. Even if you have an AC, electric fans are still good backup options to have.

Do you plan on buying a fan soon? Check out the following things to consider when buying a fan!


The first thing you need to check is its power. The purpose of the fan is to keep people cool and increase airflow. If there’s any fan that you seem to like, make sure to test it out in the store or when it is delivered. This would show you how powerful the fan can be and if it’s enough to keep you cool.

The power varies for every type of fan, of course. Because of this, you should depend your judgment on what type of fan it is and where you plan to put it. All the other factors here should be taken into consideration as well.

On average, good power for a fan should be able to increase airflow in an average-sized room. A fan with that power used together with the AC would prove to be an even better combination.

Location and Function

6 Things To Consider When Buying A Fan

If you want to buy a fan, you should already know where you want to put it. There are many possible locations to place a fan in a household. It could be placed in any of the rooms, on any surfaces available there. Because of these options, you should decide right away where you want to put it.

The location is important because you will buy a fan that will work there. Whether you want it on the wall, ceiling, or to be carried from place to place, the decision is best made before shopping for one.

Size and Portability

Size and portability differ from their classification based on function. This is because there are various sizes for each fan. You may even consider this as an extension of factors to think about based on location.

The size of the fan depends on where you put it and how you plan on using it. For example, a ceiling fan should fit the space you have for your ceiling. Also, a portable, rechargeable fan wouldn’t be able to cool down a fairly large room. Make sure the fan you choose fits the location and what you want it to do.


Asian Happy Family Sitting Sofa Watching Television Home (1)

Electric fans are not particularly dangerous machines. But any machine still comes with its own set of dangers. This factor applies mostly to people with children and pets.

Fans are fairly easy to dismantle. Depending on the age of your children, you should keep this fact in mind. If your fan has metal blades, it becomes a lot more dangerous to both children and pets. On the other hand, pets are notorious for chewing wires and electronics. If you have a pet that likes to do this, you might want to consider placing the fan somewhere that’s out of reach.


Some fans tend to produce a considerable amount of noise when at their maximum setting. More powerful fans are more prone to this, but there are many other factors too. Noise can be an indicator of defects or malfunctions. If your fan arrives with an unusual sound, consider reaching out to the store.

Noise can also affect the peace of the location. You may think that it’s not a big deal, but when you’re trying to cool down in a room with a noisy fan, high noise levels can become disruptive, affecting sleeping individuals.



Fans are fairly reliable and can last a long time. This means that spending on them would almost always be worth it. But since they’re reliable enough, this is where you can be smarter with your money.

As far as fans go, there are many affordable options out there. Consider again the other items listed here. What is the fan for? Do you have an AC as well? If it’s not absolutely necessary, then maybe there’s no need to spend too much. The cost of a fan should be at the same level as its usefulness to you.

Key Takeaway

When buying a fan, make sure you don’t sacrifice quality as well. All these things to consider when buying a fan should be factored into your decision-making. But just remember that electric fans should always fit your preference.

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