The Ideal Distance from Your TV

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What is the ideal distance you should be sitting from your TV?

  1. It all depends on the size of your TV. Measure the diagonal size first and then;
  2. Divide this by 0.84 (as recommended by THX) or 0.625 (as recommended by SMPTE).
  3. The result you will get is the recommended distance you should sit from the TV for the best cinematic experience.
  4. If the distance you get from this computation is too long for the room you plan to put your TV in, then you should think about getting a smaller TV. A TV that is too big can be too overwhelming and uncomfortable.


Having the best LED TV in the market is exciting, especially since you could watch your favorite shows and movies on it. However, watching too much of them – particularly if you are too close – could be bad for your eyesight, which begs the question: what is the ideal distance should you sit from your TV?



Rule of Thumb

The Rule of Thumb

Basically, the bigger your TV is, the farther you have to be from it. How far exactly? Well, you will need the THX-recommended formula to figure it out.



The THX Formula

The THX Formula

For those of you who don’t know, THX is the company that George Lucas founded. He created this for the purpose of making the best viewing and listening experience for home systems, cinemas, car sound systems, etc. In short, they know what they’re talking about when it comes to enjoying the best LED TV in the market.

According to them, the best way to measure the distance you should be from the TV is to measure the size of the screen first. After that, you divide it by 0.84 to get the recommended distance.

Take for instance, you have a 65″ Full HD Smart LED TV, you have to divide its size by 0.84, and you’ll get 77 inches. This means that the recommended distance for you to be away from your TV is 77 inches. Why? Well, according to THX, the best cinematic experience comes when you can view the entire TV at a 40-degree scope from where you are seated.





SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), on the other hand, believes that a 30-degree field of view gives the best LED TV viewing experience. This means that instead of dividing the TV size by 0.84, they recommend to divide it by 0.625. With this formula, the ideal distance from a 65-inch TV would be 104 inches or 8.4 feet.

Admittedly, this will make the TV slightly smaller to your view, so it’s up to you to decide on which formula you would like to follow; just don’t go any closer to the THX-recommended distance.



Sitting Too Close Will Bring Out the Pixels

Sitting Too Close Will Bring Out the Pixels

Most LED TVs in the Philippines can display images in 1080p, which is a lot of pixels – meaning if you sit quite far from the TV the visuals will still be very crisp. However, if you decide to sit very near your screen, then it will make those pixels evident to your eyes. This will, then, ruin your entire viewing experience.

Ultimately, the best LED TVs have been designed to be viewed at a certain distance. The farther you are, the better the visuals will be. However, you don’t want to be too far away because this will also make your experience less appealing.

Given all this information, you have to take into account what it means for you and your home.



The TV Size Has to Match the Room

The TV Size Has to Match the Room

Say you do buy the Fukuda’s 65” Full HD Smart LED TV, you have to be mindful to put it in a room that is big enough to fit the recommended distance. If you go with the SMPTE formula, then it has to be in a room where you can put a couch 8.4 feet away from wherever you put the TV, or 6.4 feet if you use the THX formula. This means that you can’t put this type of TV in a room smaller than 6 square feet.

However, what if you place your LED TV in a room where space is more than free and accessible? If that’s the case, it would be best to place your TV somewhere between 10-12 feet away from the couch you’re sitting. Again, this notion entirely depends on the size of your TV, which in this case, is best if the size of the TV would be between 70-80”.



The Cardboard Tryout

The Cardboard Tryout

If you have a hard time visualizing how a 65-inch TV would look like in your room, then simply get the dimensions online and cut out an old piece of cardboard to the size and shape of the TV you want to buy. Then, mount (or tape) this onto wherever you want to put it. From there, you can just move the couch to certain distances to see if you can fit the cardboard-cutout-TV to your field of view without relying on your peripherals.

If the cutout is too big even after pushing the couch back as far as you can, then you may need to go a few sizes smaller than what you originally planned for.

With this technique, you can skip the math and just go with what’s naturally comfortable for you.



TV Size to Distance

TV Size to Distance

If the three given steps above are not working for you, then you can try this TV Size to Distance Calculator and Science. Just choose the size of your LED TV and you will be given the perfect distance that you must be sitting from your television.



Key Takeaway

Don’t get us wrong; bigger is definitely better when you’re hunting for the best LED TV on the market. However, it shouldn’t be too big that you can’t watch it in your room without having to turn your head every now and then. So, before you go out and buy an LED TV, consider the aforementioned information regarding the distance you should be sitting from your TV.

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