6 Tips To Beat The Summer Heat In The Philippines

April 15, 2021 blog-img

What are some tips to beat the summer heat in the Philippines?

  1. Make hydration your number one priority
  2. Minimize the use of heat-generating kitchen appliances
  3. Maintain air circulation indoors at all times
  4. Limit outdoor activities to the early morning hours
  5. Wear clean, light-colored, and loose-fitting clothes
  6. Be ready for rotational brownouts this season

Whenever summer is coming, most of you would probably schedule outings at nearby resorts. While this is an enjoyable activity, you will have to put up with extreme heat for most of the season—making it inconvenient to go outdoors. In some cases, kids and adults alike would even experience heat rashes and heat exhaustion if exposed to too much sun. That’s why aside from adding more appliances from an electric fan brand in the Philippines, you also need to do these summer heat tips! Read on.

Make Hydration Your Number One Priority

Make Hydration Your Number One Priority

Aside from cooling down in a swimming pool, you can also beat the summer heat by consuming enough liquids. Because the extreme temperature can make you sweat to regulate your body heat, it means that you’re constantly losing fluids. To replace these, you need to stay hydrated.

This means that you shouldn’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. Aside from the normal 8 glasses requirement, you might need to increase your liquid intake during hot and humid days. If possible, you should stay away from alcohol and caffeine because it will only dehydrate you even more. Other than that, you can also consume water-rich fruits—such as watermelon—that are available during this season.

Minimize The Use Of Heat-Generating Kitchen Appliances

Now that you have enough liquids stored in your refrigerator, what do you need to do when it comes to your meals? During this season, cooking can take so much energy out of you. In addition to the weather, the radiant heat from the gas stove can be quite overwhelming! Because of that, you might have to resort to your electronic kitchen appliances.

That means using your trusty Fukuda rice cooker with a keep warm feature so you can enjoy hot rice without needing to reheat it in a traditional pot. If you’re boiling water, a Fukuda electric kettle won’t generate heat in your kitchen because it has double insulation which makes it safe to touch too. And for your ‘ulam’ a Fukuda turbo broiler is a better alternative because you don’t have to open the pot to check if your food is cooked.

Maintain Air Circulation Indoors At All Times

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Now that your kitchen area has been made cooler thanks to electronic kitchen appliances, you need to make other rooms in your home much more comfortable during the summer. Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to finish your chores while your children might feel too tired to do their homework! Sometimes, the heat can make your home feel like an oven.

For this reason, your best friend during this summer is your durable Fukuda electric fans. Whether it’s a standing fan, wall fan, or desk fan, you must let the air circulate in your rooms to get rid of the sticky feeling and make your family comfortable. Besides, you can use it interchangeably with an air conditioning unit if you’re planning to reduce your electricity bills!

Limit Outdoor Activities To The Early Morning Hours

But even though you prefer to stay indoors, there are some times when you need to go to other places outside. If you have an air-conditioned car, traveling to your destination might be easy. But what if you have to do some work under the heat of the sun? If you’re not careful, you might get heat exhaustion.

For this reason, you need to schedule your activities during the early morning hours before 8 a.m. If it can wait until after 6 p.m., that’s even better. But while these hours are comparatively cooler than the rest of the day, that doesn’t mean that you won’t sweat. To help you cool out, you can use Fukuda’s rechargeable aromatherapy neck fan! It can be used even when you’re on the go.

Wear Clean, Light-Colored, And Loose-Fitting Clothes

Wear Clean, Light-Colored, And Loose-Fitting Clothes

During this season—whether you’re staying for long periods inside your home or planning some outdoor activity—you can keep cool by wearing loose-fitting clothes. Stay away from water-resistant fabrics such as polyester, rayon, and nylon, and go for breathable options such as cotton and linen when planning your outfit. Other than that, you should also choose lighter clothes as darker materials absorb more heat.

On most summer days, especially if you’re coming from outdoors, you might have to change your outfit two to three times. This is inevitable especially if you have sweated in them all day. That means you can expect a piled-up laundry which can be overwhelming! Fortunately, you can rely on Fukuda’s washing machines to make washing clothes more convenient. Meanwhile, you can relax while waiting for it to finish.

Be Ready For Rotational Brownouts This Season

With all the preparations in place for the summer season, all that’s left is getting ready for rotational brownouts. Because of unplanned power plant outages, power distributors will be forced to implement this due to an insufficient supply of energy. In some cases, this will often happen suddenly and last for a few hours.

Because loss of electricity would put you in the worst situation during this hot summer season, you need a few items to help you maintain comfort at this time. Aside from a power bank, a rechargeable fan is also a must-have. If you want to take advantage of the sun’s heat, you can also use a solar fan instead! This way, you can charge it even if you don’t have electricity.

Key Takeaway

With some summer heat tips and the right home appliances you can order from Fukuda online, you would be ready to beat the sweltering temperatures this season!

This is because you can benefit from cookware that doesn’t require the use of a gas stove, keeping your kitchens cooler. Aside from that, all types of fans—from standard variants to rechargeable ones—will also be your go-to during hot days. Lastly, if you’re overwhelmed while looking at your pile of clothes because of frequent changes, you can relax and let the washing machine do the cleaning.

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