Suggested Halloween Movies to Watch

October 5, 2016 blog-img

Halloween is fast approaching, which means that anything that is scary will start trending once again. Be prepared to see and hear horror stories in television and movies everywhere. With plenty of affordable TVs in the Philippines, Halloween fanatics will have no trouble watching shows that will induce a lot of screaming and ducking under the blankets during the night. Complete the horrorfest with your friends; just prepare some good food and queue the following movies in your player:

  1. Pet Sematary (1989)

Who wouldn’t remember one of Stephen King’s classics? This book turned to film is a must-watch (or re-watch) for every horror movie fan. This movie starts out sweet and innocent with a family of four moving into a quiet rural area. Things take a turn when an accident kills a beloved family member and the next-door neighbor introduces an ancient method of bringing the dead back to life. 


  1. The Amityville Horror (1979)

Inspired by a real-life murder story, The Amityville Horror (another book that was turned to film) shows a family moving into a house that looked ordinary at first. As time passes by, the family realizes that their home is not as peaceful as it seems. As revelations about the house’s true nature and its former occupants unfold, you and your friends will definitely find yourselves peeking behind your pillows just to know more of the story. If you are interested, the movie also has a 2005 remake, which features the same story but with more terrifying elements. 

  1. Shutter (2004)

There is no doubt that Asian countries produce some of the best horror films ever. One of the most memorable Thai horror movies is Shutter. This movie shows how terrifying it is to catch ghosts on film, when film was still popular. In the movie, a long-haired female ghost terrorizes a man in search for vengeance after that man took pictures of her while she was being sexually assaulted by his friends. A side note though: do not let the set-up fool you; you might be rooting for the wrong person all the while. 


  1. Ring (1998)

Arguably one of the most famous Asian horror movies, the Ring frightened millions of people. The long-haired women in white dresses, which were featured in the film, gave everyone a shock and – quite possibly – nightmares as well. This iconic movie features a cursed video tape that kills its viewer within seven days, unless it is copied and passed on to another person. Doing so might expose another individual to the curse but it will ensure the safety of the previous viewer. One of the most unforgettable moments in this film is when the ghost crawls out of the television – a scene that has been recreated numerous times even in Hollywood.

  1. The Exorcist (1973)

Any horror movie list will not be complete without The Exorcist. Who would forget Regan MacNeil’s signature neck crack sounds as her head turns 180 degrees? Or the scene when she crawled down the stairs upside down just like a spider?  This film reminds everyone not to play with the Ouija Board or they might suffer from dire consequences.

There you have it; five movies that you should watch during the Halloween season! Try to watch during the day so you can still sleep soundly at night.

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