4 Quick Steps to Immediately Improve Your Kitchen

February 26, 2019 blog-img

How can you improve your kitchen?

  1. Organize everything
  2. Choose gas stoves
  3. Change the lighting
  4. Include more efficient kitchen appliances


The place in your home that experiences the most amount of foot traffic and activity, in general, is oftentimes the one that is lagging behind in functionality or aesthetics. In the Philippines, electrical appliances are almost always found in most kitchens.

The kitchen is always full of things such as food, drinks, cooking devices, and appliances. While this often results in a kitchen that’s modestly decorated, that doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement. In fact, with the choices that most people make nowadays, there are many ways to make your kitchen better.

Bear in mind that while deciding on how you can make your kitchen better than ever before, it’s always important to focus more on functionality rather than aesthetic appeal.

What’s a beautiful kitchen when almost half of the things found there aren’t even for cooking or storing food? That goes against what a kitchen is used for and is something that’s not supposed to happen.

With that being said here are a few quick and easy steps to improving your kitchen!


Organize Everything

Organize Everything

It may be innate to others, but for a lot of people, organizing items in a kitchen is not a priority. Most people are satisfied with just storing jars and cans of food in a cupboard, placing frozen food in the freezer, and everything else in the refrigerator.

Not only is this a rather lazy way to handle food but in some cases, this can be quite unhygienic.

Be prepared to organize everything there is in your kitchen. From the plates, bowls, and cups, to the pans, and pots, to the food storage — everything needs to be neat and tidy. With this out of the way, the rest of your kitchen will be fairly easier to enhance!


Choose Gas Stoves

Many households prefer using induction cookers or electric stoves because they’re a lot more convenient to use. But for a family home, there are better options.

Induction cookers are best used for condos and small residential spaces where it’s mostly used for cooking simple meals or whipping up recipes that don’t require complicated procedures.

Gas stoves, however, provide you with greater control over what you’re cooking. These usually have ranges that let you control how hot the flames get. This is often the difference between simmering to outright boiling liquids.
The typical home cook will be happier with a gas stove because it has a lot more potential when compared with electric stoves. Another advantage it has is that it’s not reliant on electricity—all you need is an LPG tank to fuel it.


Change the Lighting

Change the Lighting

When preparing and cooking food, it’s important to keep things as visible as possible. You’re basically working with dangerous items here such as knives and hot stoves. That means you should always be aware of your work station.
By improving the lighting around the kitchen, you make it easier for you to cook and prepare food, while also reducing the chances of getting hurt in the process.

This can also double as a means to make the kitchen feel more refreshing! A dimly lit kitchen is not only a hazard of its own but will more or less make the area feel dull for everyone.

If it’s well lit, however, it would feel livelier in a sense, often affecting the way people cook positively!


Include More Efficient Kitchen Appliances

Include More Efficient Kitchen Appliances

More often than not, the typical home would have a short list of appliances that are dedicated to the kitchen. The staples would usually be the stove and the refrigerator.

There are more practical appliances that can be used to make things more convenient for you. Instead of solely relying on your stove for everything you cook, you should get a few more important ones.

One thing to get, if you don’t have it yet, is a rice cooker. As an Asian country, the Philippines is well-known to always include rice in their diet. It’s a staple in every meal, so it’s only natural that people want to have it cooked perfectly. Of course, you can learn how to cook rice perfectly in a pot. But nowadays, there’s nothing like rice that’s made consistently in rice cookers.

Another less considered appliance would be the water dispenser. It makes drinking water extremely accessible since it produces both hot and cold water. At the same time, it opens up more space in your refrigerator as you will no longer need to store containers of water for future consumption.


Key Takeaway

You should be comfortable in your kitchen – that’s enough of a reason for you to start improving it. From better lighting to better appliances, there are a few of the many things that you can do to really improve your kitchen!

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