Stay Cool In Spite of the Weather with These 6 Food and Drinks

August 23, 2016 blog-img

Even though the summer days are already over with the arrival of the rainy season here in the country, the hot climate continue to persist, making everyone sweat particularly on especially hot days. People opt to use their affordable home appliances in the Philippines such air conditioners or electric fans so that they can stay cool. An alternative way of staying cool is by eating or drinking certain types of food and beverages. The initial food or drinks that people consider eating or drinking are ice cream and shakes; however, there are other numerous selections which can help the body rehydrate. Get to know these food and beverages! 


Aside from being known as a vegetable that can help reduce the bags on one’s eyes, cucumbers are loaded with tons of hydrating nutrients which keeps the body cool. This is probably the reason why the phrase, “be as cool as a cucumber”, is so popular. A great option would be to feast on cucumbers as a snack on days when the heat is just unbearable.



The greens are always good. Eating salads during hot days is strongly suggested because of the fruits and vegetables included in it. There are a lot of leafy greens to choose from and they go well with various dressings – combinations that will not disappoint and would surely please your appetite. Not only will you be detoxified, you’ll be hydrated too!


A fruit with an adorable fruit name, peach, is rich in vitamins A and C, with only about 35 calories. It promotes a healthy skin due to its cool effect on the body. Partner the fruit with any dessert of your choice to make sure that you get that refreshing feeling you’re looking for. 

Iced tea

Iced tea might probably be considered as the national drink during summer because it’s a perfect drink to have on a hot day. You will surely keep cool once you have an iced tea, especially since there are so many flavors to choose from. In addition, it also contains caffeine which can help you stay awake. 



Many are aware about the numerous advantages of eating apples; for instance, it provides fiber and caffeine. It is also a sleep remedy and it helps in weight loss. These are just some of the effects of this amazing fruit. It is also very refreshing during hot days if you need something to chomp on during the warm season. Apples and peanut butter go great together too!


Another recommended red fruit to eat in order to cool off is watermelon. As its name suggests, it contains a huge amount of water in it. The fruit is even good for the heart due to its cancer-fighting antioxidants, which can also prevent inflammation of the joints.

What to avoid

Although you love drinking alcohol and coffee, you have to avoid them during hot days because both drinks produce a negative effect on your body, making you feel hotter. If you want to stay cool despite the hot weather, refrain from drinking these hot beverages.

Stay cool despite the hot weather by eating and drinking the mentioned food and beverages above!

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