Soundbar vs Speakers: Which is Best for My Home?

September 12, 2022

Soundbar vs Speakers: Which is Best for My Home?

What are some factors to consider when deciding between a soundbar vs speaker set?

  1. Sound quality
  2. Design
  3. Affordability and ability to upgrade 

Your movie and TV show experience can be quite lacking without a good sound system. You may be missing out on important sound effects and conversations because of your appliance’s sound system. That’s why many families decide between a soundbar vs speaker for their entertainment units. 

A soundbar is a wireless single bar. It carries multiple speakers inside its sleek rectangular design. Due to its wireless feature, it can be placed anywhere around your TV for enhanced audio quality. 

The speaker set are the more common additions to your TV. These look like small cabinets that contain one to two speakers inside each unit. These sets come with a subwoofer to create that surround sound effect. 

If you’re still undecided between the two appliances, continue reading this article! It tackles the difference between the two and helps you assess which one is more suited for your home. 

Sound quality

Sound quality

With each new launch, televisions are getting thinner and thinner. This means its built-in speakers are getting smaller, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite shows and movies. 

If you’re looking to upgrade what your TV has to offer, you can opt for a soundbar. There are many options of models available that can have up to seven channels of audio. 

Take the Fukuda FSBA100S Excelon SoundMax Multimedia Soundbar It comes with a subwoofer to give the sound extra oomph with added lower frequency sound.

On the other hand, speaker sets provide your viewing experience with a richer and fuller sound with a lot more depth. A good set comes with 2.0 stereo sound and a subwoofer, a speaker that is responsible for producing lower frequencies just like the Fukuda FHY80RUS 2.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker. This comes with two speaker units and a subwoofer. 

Movie enthusiasts will opt for speaker sets over soundbars because of the richer sound quality they give. Action and heavy-dialogue movies are best enjoyed with the surround sound given by speaker sets. However, if you’re looking to simply upgrade the quality of your TV speakers, a sound bar will do for your home. 



When it comes to design and aesthetics, a soundbar has the upperhand. These are usually shaped in sleek rectangles that you can place anywhere around your television. 

The latest soundbar models are wireless, eliminating those pesky wires that get in the way of everything. You’ll just need to make sure the placement of your soundbar does not block any HDMI ports or remote control sensors. 

The Fukuda FSBA2050 Excelon Sound + Multimedia has a bluetooth connection that ranges up to 10 meters. So, you’ll not need to worry about setting up any wires. It also comes with several outputs – USB, coaxial, optical fiber, and AUX. It’s sleek rectangular design can fit well beside your TV set without ruining the look of your entertainment system. 

It can be trickier to make a speaker set look neat around your entertainment area. Aside from the speaker, it also comes with a subwoofer that requires a box of its own, ideally underneath furniture. 

The hardest part of setting up a speaker set are its cables. You’ll need to find a way to blend it into your surroundings while keeping the speakers secure within cabinets. When dealing with surround sound set-ups, it can also take a lot of time and effort to put the speakers up in their ideal location.

The speaker sets at Fukuda are not too tricky to set up. The FHT200i 2.1 Home Theater Speaker only comes with two speaker units and its subwoofer. It’s still gives quality sound while eliminating the set-up of a number of speaker sets around the room. 

Affordability and ability to upgrade

A speaker set is the more expensive choice between the two sound systems. However, there are many speaker sets that won’t break the bank. Take the Fukuda FHT100i 2.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker. It comes at an affordable price while still achieving quality surround sound with its two speaker units and a subwoofer at the bottom. 

What’s great about this sound system is that it can easily be upgraded. There are certain components that you can add to a speaker set later on like a subwoofer, an amplifier, and even additional speakers. 

However, if you’re on a budget but looking to upgrade your TV’s built-in speakers, a soundbar can easily give you the quality you’re looking for. 

Key Takeaway

There are many factors to consider when deciding between a soundbar vs speaker. Assess what kind of sound you want to achieve for your entertainment system then decide which of the two suits your home the best. Each one has its pros and cons, so it never hurts to do some extra research before making your final decision. 

When you’re ready to purchase a new audio system for your house, you can visit our online shop at Fukuda. There are many models of both soundbars and speakers that you can browse at our online store.

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