Should You Display or Hide Your TV? Here’s How to Do Both

Should You Display or Hide Your TV? Here’s How to Do Both

Owning the best LED TV may be part of your goals – that flat, thin-framed, buttons hidden TV, who wouldn’t want it? However, having it take a huge part of your living room might be a problem. As such, there are particular consequences you should bear in mind before displaying your TV at home: kids and pets running and playing around, and of course, accidents that may occur at any time of the day. You can’t always keep an eye on it – that’s a given fact. With that said, should you display your TV or just hide it somewhere safe?

Hiding your TV may not be an option – but doing both, displaying it when you use it and hiding it when not, could be possible. If you need further convincing, then here are a few ways that people nowadays use to safely display their TVs.



Art Piece

Cover it up with an art piece

One way you can safely display your TV is through an art piece that you can lift up or a flat canvas that will retract when you are using your TV. You can also use this art piece to cover your TV when it is not in use.



Pull Down Map

Use a pull-down map

Of course, the map has to be bigger than your TV to cover it up, and so far, this is the easiest way to safely display your TV without it taking up too much space in your living room. Moreover, this type of cover up is pretty much accessible in department stores or book stores.



Cabinet Doors

On cabinet doors

Cabinet doors are one of the most creative ways to display your TV. You just need to make sure that your TV is recessed into the wall (at least a bit), and that there is enough clearance on both sides of the TV so you can easily open the doors when you are about to watch your favorite TV show.

However, in such cases that your TV is not recessed into the wall – don’t worry as this particular cover-up technique is still possible for you. You just need to add a frame that could go around the appliance (make sure that it can prevent the TV from falling) and then add doors for the cabinet disguise.



Lift It Up

Lift it up

You may find this expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. It is pretty convenient as your TV would not need to take up much space in your living room or wherever you want to display it. You can have it under the kitchen counter and have it automatically lift up, or underneath your bed and only lift it when you want to use it. Convenience at its finest, isn’t it?



Behind The Mirror

Behind the mirror

Two-way mirrors may seem unnecessary at home, but it could definitely be necessary if you want to display and hide your TV. The thing is, you can conceal the appliance behind it and only show the TV through it when it is in use. There is no doubt that this improvisation has lifted the cover up technique to the next level!

However, if you only have a traditional mirror, you can still use this technique. You can have your mirrors fold back when the TV is in use.



Under The Table

Under the table

If you are having trouble looking for a particular space to display your TV, then maybe you can take this technique from the designer, Zach Motl, and slide your TV under the table. It is quite impressive and efficient as you can maximize your space most especially if you are living in a studio or apartment. You would definitely have so much space for other things!



Moveable Easel

On a moveable easel

It is not a usual case, but you can make use of this technique especially if you are an art lover. Impressively, the designer, Vicente Wolf, has decided to set up his TV on a movable Magasin Sennelier French oak easel. The catch is that you can move your TV to places where they would most likely be invulnerable especially if you have kids at home. A great way to creatively and safely display your own TV!



High Above

High above

It is highly possible that there are also TVs in your kitchen, and of course, in this case, this article has also provided a way for you to safely display your TV. Kitchens are not the best and safest place for your TV, but you can actually put them high above on your shelves. For instance, in Mary Jo Bochner’s kitchen set up, the TV has been displayed into a niche just above the refrigerator. The thing is, it is actually tucked in deep into the shelf – framing the whole appliance into safety.



Key Takeaway

With all the above stated, it is particularly evident that there are a lot of ways to safely display and hide your TV while also using your creative juices in making your own version of what you prefer to use on the list above, and of course, displaying them according to your own preference!

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