Secrets of a Beautiful and Comfy Condo

March 13, 2019 blog-img

What should you think of to ensure that your condo is beautiful and comfortable?

  1. Stick to what’s functional
  2. Try out different design ideas
  3. Prioritize your wants and needs


One of the most essential things that humans need in order to survive is shelter. No matter where you live, you will most probably want it to be your haven. Your home is a place where you feel safe and comfortable, while also feeling satisfied with what it looks like. In the Philippines, home appliances are important in keeping one’s home as functional as possible. On the other hand, it’s up to the décor and furniture to liven things up!

That being said, when it comes down to it, all it takes to make your condo as comfortable as possible is to have the right appliances for the right job. You don’t need the fanciest of furniture or the most expensive decorations. All you need is the most functional items that will make your life a lot easier!

This becomes more preferred when it comes to condos. Often, these small spaces can only support so much stuff inside it. So, you have to be very particular with what you put in this confined area. You need to understand the economy of space and also the prioritization of items that have the most usability.


Stick to What’s Functional

The first few things that people buy for their homes are the most essential items such as beds, kitchen appliances, washing machines etc. Before you can start making your condo look good, it first needs to become a livable space.
That can only happen when you have at least a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink. These are the most basic appliances you need for you to be able to cook and store your own food at home.

To ensure a good night’s sleep, you should get a bed next. After that, get started with laundry and get a washing machine and an iron for your clothes and other fabrics. Other cleaning materials should also be your priority at this time.

After getting everything that you need, you can then focus on the things that you want. These include decorations, fancy clothing, entertainment systems, and the like.

Focus on the things that will help you live a better life first before everything else so that your condo will become as functional as it can be!


Try Out Different Design Ideas

Try Out Different Design Ideas

If you want your condo to be as beautiful as it is functional, you should try designing it in a rather minimalist fashion. That way, you stick with only the essentials while still taking into consideration how everything comes together.

Minimalism basically means less is more. It emphasizes the mindset of choosing quality over quantity. This idea is not for everyone though because a lot of people like showing off what they have. Much to their pleasure, they often fill their condos with as much décor and furniture as possible so that it feels and looks rather expensive, and that’s okay, too.

What matters is that you’re satisfied with how your condo looks like. As long as you have the necessities in check, you can do as you please with the rest of your home!


Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

When you’re finally looking for appliances and home decorations, it’s important for you to distinguish between what you want and what you need. As mentioned above, your needs should always come first. These include the necessities in life such as food, clothing, water, and shelter. Basically, kitchen appliances and other functional home appliances. In the Philippines, things like rice cookers are important because unlike western countries that focus on bread, rice is the considered staple in our everyday meals.

Your wants basically sum up everything else that you want in your home, but don’t necessarily need. For example, to other people, bookshelves might be a waste of space. But if you’re the kind of person who actively read books and has a stack of them waiting for their own place in your condo, then a bookshelf would be perfect for you.

Other things that fall on your wants list include entertainment systems and other home décor. A TV and sound system are usable appliances because it can benefit both you and anyone that goes to your condo, keeping you entertained during your downtime.

Basically, anything that makes your home feel more comfortable is what will make the difference.


Key Takeaway

The beauty of a condo is not something that you instantly understand. Rather, it should fall largely on the eyes and the experience of the person living in it. As long as it has the right and essential home appliances in the Philippines, and the things that make the homeowner as comfortable as possible, then it will be a beautiful condo overall.
If you want to make your condo as beautiful and as comfortable as it can be then kept in mind the considerations mentioned above while designing it!

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