5 Rice Cooker Maintenance Tips To Know

September 13, 2022 blog-img

5 Rice Cooker Maintenance Tips To Know

What are tips on how to properly maintain your rice cooker?

  1. Wash rice in a separate bowl
  2. Wipe the exterior on the inner pot before use
  3. Take note of rice proportions
  4. Keep the lid closed
  5. Know how to clean your rice cooker

Rice is a staple food in many Filipino households. That’s no surprise since it goes with many dishes from any cuisine. 

A rice cooker makes preparing rice a piece of cake, since all you need to do is get some rice and water, then pop it in the cooker. Compared to the traditional methods of cooking rice, this is easier and more efficient. 

To make your rice cooker last for as long as possible, here are some rice cooker maintenance tips. Continue to learn more about taking care of this handy kitchen appliance. 

Wash rice in a separate bowl

Wash rice in a separate bowl

The first step in cooking rice is to wash the rice grains. Avoid washing the rice in the inner pot of the rice cooker. It can be tempting, but what this does is damage its coating. 

Instead, wash the rice in a separate container, bowl, or rice-washing basket. It’s important to never skip this step since washing the rice removes all the impurities in the grains like chemicals and pesticides. It also allows the rice to absorb more water as it cooks. 

Once you have that separate bowl, wash your rice using cold or room-temperature water. Rub the grains with your hands and drain the water. Repeat this process until the rice water becomes clear. 

Wipe the exterior on the inner pot before use

Wipe the exterior of the inner pot before using it. With your rice and water ready in the inner pot, you’ll want to just pop it into the rice cooker, but stop and wipe it down first. 

A wet inner pot can easily damage the entire rice cooker. The pot is placed down on the cooker’s heating element. So, if the pot is wet, it can lead to damaging the heater. Aside from the rice cooker, this can also the temperature of the rice as it cooks, too 

Take note of the rice proportions

Take note of the rice proportions

All rice cookers have a specified capacity. Make sure the rice you cook does not exceed that capacity. The Fukuda FRC815M Rice Cooker has a 1.5 L water capacity and can cook up to 8 full cups of rice. Never go over this to avoid damaging your rice cooker. 

Cooking over the rice cooker’s capacity can lead to water leaking and overflowing from the inner pot. If this continues to happen, the rice cooker can slowly get damaged and break down over time. You can cook rice in smaller batches until you reach your desired amount. 

Another important factor to consider is the ratio of rice and water. 

Rice to Water Proportions for Different Kinds of Rice

  1. White Rice
    • Short grain: 1 cup of rice is to 1 ¼ cups of water
    • Long grain 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water
  2. Brown Rice
    • Short grain: 1 cup of rice is to 2 cups of water
    • Long grain 1cup of rice is to 1 ¾ cups of water
  3. Jasmine Rice – 1 cup of rice is to 1 ¾ cups of water

Knowing the correct proportions for different types of rice can help avoid the rice cooker from overflowing, especially when cooking large batches of rice. 

Keep the lid closed

Rice cookers can have either a detachable or attached lid. No matter what kind it is, this should never be lifted while cooking is in progress. 

Make sure that the rice cooker’s lid is secured tightly so that steam stays inside the pot. When steam is released during cooking, the pressure in the air affects the process. The temperature inside the pot drops, causing the rice to turn sticky and starchy. 

If the lid is lifted, it can also lead to water seeping out, damaging the exterior of the rice cooker. 

It’s beneficial to your rice if you don’t lift the rice cooker’s lid. Leaving the rice inside the cooker for 10 minutes after being cooked can give it a fluffier texture. This is possible because the trapped rice helps the rice pop even more. 

Know how to clean your cooker

The most important part of maintaining your rice cooker is cleaning it regularly. To avoid developing foul odors and stains, it’s ideal to clean it after every use. 

How to clean your rice cooker

  1. Allow the rice cooker to cool down to room temperature before unplugging it and removing its parts for cleaning.
  1. Clean the inner pot by soaking it in hot and soapy water. If there are any food remnants, scrape them off with a non-abrasive sponge. An abrasive sponge can damage the coating. Scrub the pot once more and rinse. 
  1. If the lid is detachable, soak it in soapy water before washing it with a sponge. Rinse it and leave it to dry. If the lid is attached to the cooker, use a sponge to remove any residue and stains. Wipe it one more time with a rinse cloth.
  1. Clean the inside of the rice cooker with a moist cloth. Gently remove any residue. Place all parts back once all the moisture has dried. 

The Fukuda FRC15 8 Cups Rice Cooker comes with a removal rice bowl, detachable cords, and a detachable lid for easy cleaning. Never skip out on cleaning this important appliance to have it last for many years to come. 

Key Takeaway

Those were some maintenance tips for your rice cooker. This is an essential appliance for many Filipinos whose staple food is rice. So, it’s important that a rice cooker be well-maintained and working for years and years to come. 
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