Proper Microphone Maintenance Tips to Keep the Songs Going

October 12, 2017 blog-img

What are the best ways to keep your microphone in top shape

  1. Refrain from blowing and tapping your microphone as this could damage its parts.
  2. Cleaning the top mesh of the microphone will ensure that the sound will remain clear and clean.
  3. Don’t “drop the mic;” this can lead to damages and breakage.
  4. Keep the cables untangled to prevent it from getting damaged.
  5. Follow the basic procedures on how to use the microphone to make sure that it will keep on working.


A microphone is an essential item in your videoke nights (aside from the karaoke player, of course). How else are you going to belt out your favorite tunes without one? Whether you plan to sing on your own or in front of your barkada, you should never be without one.

Unfortunately, even the best consumer electronics available in the Philippines may experience some wear and tear after some time. Even though most electronic products today have better quality, it is still important to give them proper maintenance to ensure they will have longevity.

Want to know how you could maintain your microphone’s tip-top shape? Follow these tips:



Refrain from blowing and tapping your microphone

Refrain from blowing and tapping your microphone

Blowing and tapping your mic to check if it is working could actually be damaging it, which is why you must refrain from doing so. Not many people know, but a microphone has a good amount of sensitive and delicate parts that can get easily damaged.

If you own a microphone, you could take care of it by simply speaking through it to check whether it is working once plugged in; there’s no need for you to blow and tap it.



Cleaning the tip

Cleaning the tip

The top of the microphone easily becomes a place where dust and dirt stick because of its mesh. When this happens, it could definitely alter its sounds and damage it. This is why it is recommended that this part should be cleaned after using it.

To help you out, here is an effective DIY method that you can use to clean your microphone:


  1. Remove the top mesh and the foam from the grill.
  2. Get two cups and fill them up with hot water and mouthwash respectively.
  3. Place the grill in the hot water to remove the dirt and other particles.
  4. Dip the tip of the grill into a cup of mouthwash and let it rest for 30 seconds.
  5. Remove the mouthwash and apply them to the foam filters.
  6. Place them in a warm place to dry.
  7. Reassemble the microphone accordingly. (If you need assistance in this part, we would gladly help you. Check out our contact details by clicking here.)


With this simple DIY cleaning method, you can be sure that your microphone would be in a good and clean working shape.



Don’t drop the mic

Don’t “drop the mic”

The phrase and the act of “dropping the mic” have become a part of modern culture, wherein people would do this after a rousing speech or a strong statement as a sign of success and triumph. While this may look cool and tempting to pull off, it is something that will definitely damage your microphone and may even break it. For this reason, make sure that you keep the microphone in its stand or somewhere stationary to prevent it from falling to the floor.



Keeping the cables clean

Keeping the cables clean

Cables and wires are the lifelines of most forms of electronics. One of the most common reasons why they do not work is because of damaged wires and cables. This is why it is essential to take proper care of them. The worst thing that could happen to your wires is getting them tangled or unnaturally bent.

To prevent your cables from getting tangled, you can tape up the wires to keep them straightened up and stationary. When packing up the microphone, be sure to roll the wires properly in a way that they are not extremely bent.



Observe the basic rules

Observe the basic rules

When owning a microphone, as well as other electronic appliances and devices, it is important to follow the proper procedures on how to operate it in order to avoid any damage.

For microphones, it is important to keep them away from liquids and damp environments as this may cause electric shocks and grounded electronics, which may result in serious injury. Also, you must keep it away from high-temperature areas in order to prevent it from overheating. Be sure to also turn it off when it is not in use. Not only will this help you save you up on electricity usage, but it will also make certain that it will not be overused.


Key Takeaway

A microphone is a sensitive piece of electronic equipment. This is why proper maintenance and care is needed to make sure that it will keep working. Next time you plan to use a mic, keep these tips in mind so that you can enjoy your karaoke nights even more!

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