6 Advantages Of Cooking With A Pressure Cooker

March 18, 2021 blog-img

What are the advantages of cooking with a pressure cooker?

  1. Reduced Cooking Time
  2. Retained Nutrients
  3. Less Hassle In Cleaning
  4. Organized Kitchen Space
  5. Cooler Kitchen Area
  6. Numerous Recipes Available

Some Filipino dishes require so much time to prepare and cook. If you try to speed up the process, you will end up with tough meat or burnt food! That means that your kaldereta, mechado, or beef pares might just go to waste or require second cooking. That’s why you need one of the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines! Keep on reading for six pressure cooker advantages.

Reduced Cooking Time

Reduced Cooking Time

When you serve Filipino classic dishes on the dinner table, it would be finished in minutes, especially when you have hungry guests. While this is a good sign, just cooking a plate of your family’s favorite pork adobo will take more than 1 hour! If you decide to serve beef pares for dinner then be prepared to spend at least 3 hours on the meal preparation.

But because of the science that happens in a pressure cooker, you can reduce the amount of time you cook your ulam! Because it traps food in an airtight container, heat doesn’t escape out of the pot which results in faster cooking time. You can expect to have the pork adobo ready in 30 minutes.

Retained Nutrients

Thanks to the less time needed to cook your favorite dishes, you can also expect your food to retain the majority of its color and nutrients. This is because the more time you use to cook food in traditional cookware, the less the vitamins that it can retain. For example, when steaming or boiling broccoli, you can lose as much as 30% of its vitamin C content.

Contrary to that, pressure cooking is the option that offers the most nutrient retention. Up to 90% of vitamins can be retained with this method. Not only will your food be cooked fast, but it will also nourish those who eat it.

Less Hassle In Cleaning

Less Hassle In Cleaning

After a long day, you’ll probably feel too tired to prepare a meal. This means that you won’t have the energy for additional tasks such as scrubbing grease in your kitchen. With traditional cooking methods, oil and steam can escape from your pots and pans. This can settle on your backsplash, stovetop, and hanging cabinets. After a week, you’ll be surprised that you have to do some deep cleaning again.

But once you invest in a good pressure cooker, these problems will lessen. Because the pot is airtight, not only will your food cook faster but it will also prevent splatters from dirtying your kitchen counters, giving you more time to focus on other things.

Organized Kitchen Space

Having too much cookware in your kitchen can make it look cluttered and disorganized. If you’re in a hurry when preparing your meals, you might not have noticed the pile of dishes in the sink, used utensils on the counter, and multiple pots placed on the stove. To keep it minimal, you can consider getting a pressure cooker instead.

This kitchen appliance popularized the recipes for easy and fast one-pot meals. All you need is to add in the ingredients at the right time and wait for them to cook in the pressure cooker. This way, you can serve that bolognese pasta or teriyaki chicken without having to use too many kitchen tools.

Cooler Kitchen Area

Cooler Kitchen Area

Have you ever cooked during the summer? The combination of the weather outdoors and the hot steam that escapes from your pot of sinigang can make it feel hotter than a sauna. While you can’t escape this country’s climate, you can adjust your cooking style to reduce the heat.

Because a pressure cooker keeps all the steam and heat inside the pot, you will have a cooler kitchen even when you’re cooking. As a bonus, you don’t have to spend more than an hour preparing meals which reduces your exposure to the heat.

Numerous Recipes Available

While the technique in cooking meals in a pressure cooker differs slightly from when you’re using traditional cookware, beginners will find it easy to use as long as they follow a recipe.

Aside from dishes with soups and sauces—such as beef nilaga and kare-kare—you can also prepare fried foods faster with the assistance of this kitchen appliance. For example, after boiling crispy pata, you can cook it in a deep fryer for a few minutes. If you’re craving dessert, you can also bake a chocolate cake or fudgy brownies in a pressure cooker!

Key Takeaway

If you’re still hesitant about buying this kitchen appliance, these pressure cooker advantages will help you. Because it can speed up cooking, you have more time to rest on a busy day. Instead of cooking processed meat and eating canned food, this device helps you retain the nutrients in your dishes, making your meals healthier. As a bonus, you can cook one-pot meals which can reduce your hassle in cleaning afterward.

If you’re interested in purchasing a high-quality pressure cooker for your home, only trust Fukuda! For an affordable price, you can cook nutritious meals at home quickly and efficiently.

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