How to Position Speakers at Home: A Guide

November 11, 2021 blog-img

How do you position speakers at home?

  1. Decide where you will be positioned
  2. Place the speakers to form a triangle
  3. Put the speakers at the right distance and height
  4. Keep them away from the walls
  5. Find the optimal speaker angle
  6. Clear the front of the speakers of furniture
  7. Listen and adjust

Do you have brand new home theater speakers? Are your current speakers not delivering the quality of sound you were promised? Then maybe it’s time to learn how to position speakers at home.

Placing speakers properly can be tricky if you don’t know how to. People with new speakers sometimes don’t know what to do with them. Sometimes, your speakers can still be placed better. But one thing’s for sure: your speakers will perform best when situated optimally in the room.

Read the following guide to learn how to position your speakers better at home!

Decide Where You Will Be Positioned

The first thing to do is to decide where you will be positioned. Do you plan on watching movies in the living room with these speakers? Do you want to have these speakers in your bedroom?

Usually, people are on their couches in the living room when using the speakers, but not all speakers are meant for the living room. Try to determine what spot in the room you’ll be listening in, and always keep it in mind as you position your speakers.

Place The Speakers To Form A Triangle

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A quick guide to placing speakers is by imagining an equilateral triangle with you at the peak. Stand at your prime listening spot and mentally draw the triangle between you and your speakers. The two loudspeakers should both be at the same distance away from you and of course, facing toward you. This should help you map out what spots in the room would work for the speakers that you have.

Put The Speakers At The Right Distance And Height

Even when you’ve placed the speakers in a triangle, you should ensure that there is enough distance between your speakers. If your speakers are placed on a surface, then there should at least be 4 feet of separation between them. Floorstanding speakers, on the other hand, should be 8 feet apart. But make sure that they’re not too far apart as that would make a gap in the sound. Both speakers work together to create an auditory image. Too much distance will make that image unclear.

Most speakers have two main parts: the woofer and the tweeter. The woofer makes the lower frequency sounds while the higher sounds are made by tweeters. When positioning your speakers, it’s best to keep the tweeters at roughly the same height as your ears.

Keep Them Away From The Walls

Keep Them Away From The Walls.

Being near walls makes the speakers prone to sound reflection. The sound that comes out of the speakers will bounce off the walls and affect the clarity of the audio altogether. Sometimes, you can use these reflections to achieve some effect that you want for your sounds. But generally, the clearer the sound, the better.

We advise keeping your speakers at least 2-3 feet away from the nearest wall for optimal clarity and best results. Try to plan around your room and experiment on the best location to do this.

Find The Optimal Speaker Angle

Once your speakers have been positioned in the room, it’s time to find the best angle. Both speakers should be aimed towards the area at the back of your head when you’re in the listening spot. Marking the prime listening spot as you adjust the angles of your speakers will make this part a lot easier.

This step might take a number of adjustments, so have patience and take your time. With the right angles, the sound will blend perfectly when they reach your ears.

Clear The Front Of The Speakers Of Furniture

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This may be obvious for most people, but it is often forgotten and sometimes even neglected. The space in front of the speakers is where the sound travels towards the listeners. The sound waves will bounce off any obstructions and affect the quality of the sound.

To get the best sound possible from your speakers, keep their front area clear of any furniture or other objects that may hamper the sound quality.

Listen And Adjust

Each set of speakers perform well in their unique way. Finding the best position for your speakers at home is all about trial, error, and patience. Try different angles and positions and listen. If it doesn’t sound right, adjust a bit more. Keep doing it again until you find the optimal position for your speakers.

Take the Fukuda FHT200i Home Theater Speakers, for example. These 30W, 2.1 channel speakers would fit perfectly in most homes’ living rooms. With its remote control option, listening and adjusting will be made easier. Give it some time, and you’ll surely love the results!

Key Takeaway

Getting the best speakers is only the first part of great home listening. With this guide teaching you how to position speakers at home, you can finally get that home theater experience with your brand new speakers!

Haven’t found the perfect speakers for you yet? You’re in luck! Here at Fukuda, we have the best home appliances you can find! Browse through our selection of speakers today!

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