Phone Charging Mistakes You are Guilty Of

December 26, 2017 blog-img

What are the common phone charging mistakes?

  1. Charging your phone with the case still on
  2. Charging with Wi-Fi/Mobile data on
  3. Using the phone while charging
  4. Charging overnight


Let’s face it: having a cell phone is now the norm for people across the world, the same way that we need some of the best home appliances in the Philippines. This helps us communicate with our friends, family, and work colleagues. You can also listen to some of your favorite songs or watch some of the best TV series and movies on the go! You can also use it as a digital camera and take some wonderful scenic photos, or simply take some fun selfies, or as a gaming device with some of the most addicting and fun games.

With all of the things that your phone can do, you’ll definitely run out of battery during the end of the day, and charge it for a while. While charging a phone might be as straightforward as it is, there are people who commit a good amount of charging mistakes that can damage your battery. Damaged batteries can lessen the battery life, and may even cause overheating! Here are phone charging mistakes that you might be guilty of.



Charging your phone with the case still on

Charging your phone with the case still on

Charging your phone will generate some heat, which is a normal thing to happen. However, keeping the case on while charging will trap the heat, which will cause it to overheat. It is best to remove your fancy and decorative case every time you charge to keep your battery safe.




Charging with Wi-Fi Mobile Data On

Charging with Wi-Fi/ Mobile Data on

Turning on your Wi-Fi or mobile data while using your phone will drain its battery life faster, as most mobile applications work with it. One of the most common mistakes people do is that they tend to charge the phone while the Wi-fi and mobile data is turned on. This can slow down the charging, and which can damage the battery entirely. Always keep your phone idle while charging, and turn off your Wi-Fi and mobile data.



Using the phone while charging with a powerbank

Using the phone while charging with a powerbank

Perhaps the most common charging mistake that a lot of people have done at least once is using your phone while charging. This is another mistake that would slow down your charging time, and damage your phone battery. This can cause overheating and can drain your battery faster. The only solution is to just let your phone charge with no interruptions and use it only when it has been charged up. This is the same case when using powerbanks, as it is best to charge the phone while it is idle, as powerbanks can overheat when you use the phone. (Which can also overheat, not something you would want to happen)



Using Cheap Charging Cables

Using cheap charging cables

While you can buy some cheap charging cables in your generic electronics store, this would mean risking your phone and battery. Cheap charging cables tend to get damaged more easily, which means that you will have problems while charging your phone. This can mean very slow charging times, which can damage your battery and shorten battery life. To make sure that you are buying the right cables, make sure that they have Apple MFI certification or official seals from quality control organization before getting them.



Charging Overnight

Charging overnight

At the end of the day, your battery might be at its lowest, and you would want it to be fully charged by the morning. While this may be a common practice among mobile phone users, this is not good for your phone battery, as it would overcharge it, causing some unwanted damage. This can slowly eat away the battery life of your phone, which can result in your phone losing hours of battery life. If you are guilty of doing this, stop doing so and take your phone out of the charger before your sleep.


Key Takeaway

Taking care of your mobile phone starts with charging it right, which is why avoiding these mistakes would keep your phone battery healthy, which allows you to use it as much as you want during the day.

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