How to Make Your Own Air Conditioning Unit

September 29, 2016 blog-img

Everybody experiences the unbearable heat every day in the Philippines. Affordable electrical appliances like electric fans are not always enough to make your room cool and help you sleep comfortably at night. Instead, you need an air conditioner. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford air conditioning units since they’re fairly expensive to begin with and are expensive to use too, especially if the weather is humid for extended periods.

This DIY air conditioner is perfect for those who can’t afford, or are currently saving for, an actual air conditioning unit. It’s cheap and you probably have all of the materials to make this at home already! Though it’s not advisable to use this to cool big rooms or your entire house, it is perfect for cooling small bedrooms. Aside from using tools and materials that might be lying around your house, it’s also easy to assemble. However, if you want to use some power tools for this, you should have someone who knows how to handle those power tools.

What are the Materials?

Alright, for this DIY air conditioner, you will need:

• Cheap Styrofoam icebox or an unused cooler;

• Some plastic or PVC pipes and elbow pipes – it depends on how big you want the air conditioner to be, but obviously you’re going to need one that isn’t bigger than your cooler;

• A Fukuda 18’’ ground electric fan or any Fukuda electric fan that is – once again – not bigger than your cooler;

• Other tools that you might need are: a cutter if you’re using a Styrofoam icebox, a saw or a small power saw and a drill if you’re using a cooler, a ruler if you need to measure something, and a pencil.

Creating the Air Conditioner

First, you’ll have to gather your materials.

Second, mark on the cover of your cooler or icebox where you want to place your fan and your pipes. Trace around the pipes and the fan on the cover, then cut carefully with a cutter if you’re using the styrofoam icebox. If you’re using a cooler, drill a hole into the cover so it’s easier to use your power saw.

Third, attach the pipes and the fan to the cover. It’s better to put the air’s exit on the cover too so that you can keep the chest hole free. Secure it however you wish. Just make sure that the fan is stable on the cover and won’t fall.

Fourth, put some ice in the ice chest or the cooler. It’s best to put water into thick plastic bags and freeze them so that when they melt, they’ll still be in the bag and you can just pop them back into the freezer. No need for messy collection of water from the chest.

Fifth, turn it on! The ice will probably last for about four to five hours, depending on how big the ice block is.

To make the most of your DIY air conditioner, close your windows and shut your doors – just like what you do when you turn on a real air conditioner – so that none of the cool air can escape and be wasted. This will be a cheaper alternative to air conditioning and it doesn’t consume much electricity (unless you count all that freezing).

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