5 Laundry Tips For The Rainy Season

July 16, 2021 blog-img

What are some tips for doing my laundry during the rainy season?

  1. Prioritize Important Clothes
  2. Keep Your Washing Machine Clean
  3. Presoak Your Laundry
  4. Control The Moisture In Your Home
  5. Increase Ventilation

Doing your laundry during the rainy season has always been a challenge. Everyone has experienced at least one batch of laundry taking forever to dry, and worse – drying with a weird smell to them. As difficult as it is, we can’t exactly avoid or postpone this chore just because it started raining outside. So here are 5 simple laundry tips for the rainy season, so that you can launder and dry your clothes with ease even when it’s pouring out.

Prioritize Important Clothes

Prioritize Important Clothes

First, you should prioritize which clothes should be cleaned immediately and which ones can wait. Doing laundry in smaller batches like this means that there’s less to dry for the day, giving your clothes ample space to air out. Having lighter loads of laundry even helps save you some time in the long run, allowing you to attend to other chores (especially helpful if you’re doing this chore during work days). Some clothes can definitely wait until the next day for their turn, so start separating your clothes into smaller batches before putting them in the wash.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

If your household uses a washing machine, ask yourself before doing your next batch of laundry – “When was the last time I cleaned my washing machine?” It’s crucial that your washing machine is regularly cleaned to prevent mould, bacteria and grime from building up and affecting your clothes.

When washing machines build up dirt, it can cause your laundry to come out of the machine smelling odorous. If you can’t remember the last time you used that tub’s clean setting or cleaned out the machine’s lint trap, now might be a good time to do so.

Presoak Your Laundry

Presoak Your Laundry

Consider pre-soaking your clothes. You can use a mixture of water, detergent, and fabric conditioner to do this. Pre-soaking your laundry might sound weird, and you might think that it’s a waste of time. After all, how is this going to help your clothes wash or dry faster in the rainy season?

Pre-soaking your laundry actually helps your clothes smell cleaner and makes deep cleaning easier. Soaking your clothes allows residue and stains to lift from the fabric, and gives it extra time to absorb in laundry detergent to keep that nice clean smell. However, you should only soak your clothes for about 30 minutes to an hour before you intend to wash them, don’t leave it overnight! If you end up over-soaking your clothes, you may ruin or speed up the deterioration of the fabric.

Control The Moisture In Your Home

The number one culprit for slow drying clothes is the amount of moisture that accumulates indoors. Our environment tends to be humid, and this is especially true during the rainy season. Drying clothes during the rainy season can be easier if you’re able to keep these moisture levels low. Controlling humidity levels indoors can also help protect your health and reduce the risk of fungus and mould growth in your clothes.

One of the ways to control moisture in your home is to have an air purifier bag or salt bags in the room you plan to hang your laundry in. It doesn’t even have to be fancy to work well – keeping a sack of sea or unrefined salt would work just as effectively! In a pinch, keeping a stack of newspapers would work too.

Increase Ventilation

Increase Ventilation

Aside from the moisture levels in the room where you’ll be drying your clothes, you should also consider the amount of ventilation it’s receiving. When a room has stagnant air, the moisture in your clothes takes a longer time to dissipate. So, when you dry your clothes indoors make sure to open the doors and windows (if you’re able to open them without the rain coming in) to help with air circulation. Opening the exhaust and bringing in an electric fan would also help in increasing the ventilation of the room. Doing these things will help the excess moisture to escape and ensure that there is a constant flow of air to dry your laundry.

Key Takeaways

Doing your laundry and ensuring you have enough clean and nice-smelling clothes every week can be difficult once the rainy season sets in. The constant rain might even discourage you from doing your laundry and make you wait another day to do so. However, with these handy laundry tips for the rainy season, you don’t have to stress out or worry over washing and drying your clothes indoors! Use these tips to have a stress-free laundry day.

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