Keeping a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

June 20, 2016 blog-img

Is your cookroom a safe place for your children? Your arsenal of affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines might be extremely helpful during meal preparations but with your toddlers wandering the house, they might be dangerous.

To keep your children from hurting themselves in your house, you have to child-proof every room. The kitchen is one of the places that kids frequent, especially when their parent or guardian is there, making their food. Make your cookroom a safe area for your little ones by following the steps below.

Get rid of the dangerous household cleaners and chemicals

If you have cleaning products that are used every once in a while only, keep them in places that are out of children’s reach. Hide them in one of the many cabinets in your kitchen; just make sure to properly secure your cupboards with childproof locks, especially the ones under the sink or counter. Meanwhile, get rid of the chemicals and products that you are no longer using.

Set aside anything that can be put in your child’s mouth

Children like putting things in their mouths. Kitchen magnets, for example, are small items that children might fancy eating, so hide those from the time being. However, if you have to use them to post something on the fridge, make sure that your children can’t access them.

Keep objects out of reach

Knives, alcohol, medicine, spices, seasonings, and other objects in the kitchen should be on elevated platforms. Vanilla and lemon extracts have nice scents that children might find appealing; since they have alcohol, you have to keep them somewhere your kids can’t get their hands on. However, if you don’t have a counter high enough to keep sharp objects out of reach, hide them up in your cupboards which – as mentioned earlier – should be secured with childproof locks. Aside from bolting your cabinets, you should also invest in covers for your outlets or simply block them from view by putting appliances in front of them.



Change the way you do things

Don’t do anything while holding your baby. Don’t cook, drink coffee, make smoothies, or serve food all at the same time; instead do things one at a time. If you want to keep an eye on your child while you do tasks in the kitchen, put them in a portable bassinet if they’re still an infant; if they’re toddlers, confine them to a space in the kitchen by using playpens or gates. When you’re done cooking, remember to place your pots in the back part of the stove where kids can’t reach them. If you have electrical appliances that are on the counter and are constantly used – such as coffee makers, blenders, toasters, or microwaves – keep the electrical cords tied up so that children can’t tug on them.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm

One other thing that you should consider doing is installing a carbon monoxide alarm especially if your stove runs on gas. Carbon monoxide is odorless and can make children ill or even kill them.

Make sure that your kitchen is child-friendly to avoid accidents from occurring. The things enumerated above are just some of the childproofing steps that you can take to ensure that your cookroom is a safe place for your toddlers. Remember that the best way to childproof your house is to try and see the environment through your baby’s eyes.

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