How to Use Your Rice Cooker for Your Favorite Desserts

July 10, 2017 blog-img

While it is true that rice cookers are designed for cooking rice, it doesn’t stick to its sole role in the kitchen. The best appliances in the Philippines are most often used for multiple reasons – from using washing machines for rinsing your salad vegetables, to freezers temporarily reviving computer hard drives, to dishwashers cleaning almost just anything –  indeed, people these days know how to improvise.

If you need further convincing, here is a list of the perfect dessert recipes that you can make using your rice cooker!




If you haven’t had any time to make a cheesecake due to lack of oven – worry no more! Rice cooker is here to save the day. The rice cooker can do similarly with your oven in making your most loved cheesecake that you can share with the family. What you only need for the ingredients is the cream, egg, cheese, sugar, lemon juice, flour, and heavy cream. Mix them in the rice cooker bowl, put the rice cooking setting on its normal cycle and voila! – you will definitely have your cheesecake on your table in no time.



choco lava cake

Choco Lava Cake

This wouldn’t particularly require much effort but patience. What you just need to do is mix the ingredients from a box of chocolate cake mix (which you can most likely buy at the supermarket), use a can of milk chocolate frosting for the cake frosting, and spray some cooking spray so the cake wouldn’t stick into the bowl. Then, press the cook button and wait. This simple dessert recipe will test your patience, but it is definitely worth the wait.



poached pomegranate

Poached Pomegranate Spiced Pears

The good news is, you can now steam and poach fruits in your rice cooker and this pomegranate spiced pears is one dessert recipe that you can make any time of the day! Experiment and make your own version of poached fruits in a rice cooker – make up a special presentation to make your dessert look more enticing and share it with the family!



banana pudding

Banana Pudding Served with Caramel Sauce

You can’t really leave pudding out from this list – and the fact that it is served with caramel sauce makes it more enticing. This particular dessert recipe may require you to check it every now and then to make sure that it goes as instructed in the recipe to achieve that mouth-watering, deliciously baked banana pudding you are aiming for!



apple tatin cake

Apple “Tatin” Cake

With all the above-stated recipes, apple is the best way to end this mouth-watering list. This apple “tatin” cake recipe’s something you wouldn’t want to miss! Just a few cutting, arranging, and mixing of ingredients and then you are free to push the cook button. Head on to your kitchen and try this one out!



Key Takeaway

It may take a while and a lot of effort in comparison with making desserts from usual appliances such as the oven or stove, but this list of rice cooker dessert recipes is definitely worth the try. Additionally, you can save yourself from spending on an oven if you haven’t had one!

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