How To Position Your Subwoofer

February 17, 2022 blog-img

How do you position your subwoofer?

  1. Try the front of the room
  2. Test the corners
  3. The Subwoofer Crawl
  4. Organize the cords

Sounds are a crucial part of almost all of our media consumption. For people who like speakers over headphones, good speakers can really elevate the experience. A good sound system would always include a subwoofer, a speaker dedicated to the lower bass sounds of the music. It lets the sound system create a more “whole” or “complete” sound, and the quality is even better if you know how to position your subwoofer.

Some speakers are powerful enough to support a subwoofer within itself. However, getting a subwoofer will actually take up less space than speakers that are big enough for that. Also, it puts less strain on your multi-channel amplifier or AV receiver as it has dedicated power on board.

The bass is an important part of sound quality, so it’s advisable to place your subwoofers somewhere near the rest of the speakers. But simply placing it next to them might not be enough to get as rich a sound as possible in your room. After all, rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, just as subwoofers do. Looking for the perfect position for your subwoofer in your room does not have a “one size fits all” formula.

For more tips on positioning your subwoofer, keep reading below!

Try the Front of the Room

The most common place to put subwoofers is at the front of the room. For many rooms, especially those with equidistant walls and not much furniture around, this could be the optimal position for your subwoofer. It is also close to the left and right speakers as well, creating that rich blend of bass and treble that we all want to hear.

Subwoofers are supposed to be omnidirectional, meaning you wouldn’t be able to find where the bass sound is coming from by just listening to it. If placed properly, you will feel like the bass is coming from all around you instead of just one direction. At the front of the room, localization is usually minimal. If you achieve the desired effect just by placing it in front of the room, then there’s no need to move it around any further.

Test the Corners

Test the Corners

Sound technicians often recommend placing subwoofers at corners or near walls. Being near other surfaces reinforces its sound output, making the bass sound louder and creating denser wave patterns in the room. It also lowers the chances of producing nulls or dead spots in the room.

Despite this, you should still consider the distance of the sub to your listening area. If the corner of the room is too far, then it is probably not the best place to place a subwoofer. If you do have a corner in the front stage, then try it out!

The Subwoofer Crawl

If the corner or the front of the room don’t help your subwoofer produce that rich bass sound you want, try a different technique. Finding the optimal spot for your subwoofer can be tricky depending on the shape and size of your room. To find it, you can try doing the “subwoofer crawl”.

First, swap places with the subwoofer. Place it on the normal listening position, or where you would normally stay while listening to music. Then, play a familiar bass-heavy track on loop.

Move around the room while keeping your head at knee level and find the spot where the bass sounds best and most accurate. That would be the best place to put your subwoofer. Doing this is easier and less tiring than sitting down at the listening spot and moving your subwoofer around until you find the ideal spot.

Organize the Cords

Organize the Cords

An additional tip when trying to position your subwoofer is to mind the cords. This doesn’t have anything to do with the sound it creates directly, but it’s still important.

If your subwoofer is not placed next to a wall or corner, exposed wires may be stepped on or tripped over, which could cause both damages and injuries. If you have a pet, they may chew on the wires as well. So remember to think of the wires as you try to find a proper position for your subwoofer.

Key Takeaway

Trying to find the perfect position while minding the cord of your subwoofer should be done as you set up your entire sound system. This allows you to maximize the use of your subwoofer, giving your music a rich bass blend.

As you learn how to position your subwoofer, you would be one step closer to a prime listening experience. However, you would need a good home sound system before you experience it. The best way to do that is to shop from the most reliable brand for quality appliances:

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