Hot & Cold Stand Type Water Dispenser Review

June 8, 2017 blog-img

This is a guest post.


Today’s technology is so impressive. Soon, we no longer need refrigerators or electric water thermos to cool or heat water. I, myself, who lived and grew up in the Philippines, with the best kitchen appliances, am so impressed with Fukuda’s Hot & Cold Stand Type Water Dispenser.

This water dispenser can essentially dispense both cold and hot water from its nozzles, which is pretty convenient. If you come to think of it, you no longer have to exert so much effort just to create the right temperature for your chosen drink.

Of course, I’ve found out more than that in my experience with this product. Let me share with you a couple things I really appreciate as I was using it.



Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Within Fukuda’s water dispenser is a stainless steel water tank that maintains the cleanliness of the water inside the dispenser because it does not rust even while being exposed to water! I’ve been using it for a while now and I can safely say that every time I use it, only clean water—without any impurities—comes out.



ABS Plastic Material

ABS Plastic Material

I researched what ABS plastic was, and I was amazed at how Fukuda chose the best material for their product. ABS plastic is something that can be repeatedly heated and cooled while not receiving any damage or wear. This means that even if you regularly use the hot and cold option of the dispenser, it will not sustain any damage!



High Quality Compressor

High-Quality Compressor

When I read about the specs of Fukuda’s dispenser, I didn’t know what a compressor was and I found out that it was actually the cooling and heating system of the dispenser!

Basically, it was responsible for producing the hot and cold water that comes out from the tank, so it being high quality meant that the dispenser spent faster time in heating up or cooling down the liquid inside. I tested it for myself and I was amazed at how fast the water heated up and cooled down! It didn’t take long for the water to become smoking hot or iced cold after I put in the gallon of water.



Silicone Water Outlet Pipe

Silicone Water Outlet Pipe

The last thing I need to tell you about this water dispenser is the silicone water outlet pipe, which can be found in its interior. Its function is that it carries the water from the inside of the tank into the faucet/nozzle!

Now, you may ask why I think this is an important piece of information; well, think about how important the pipe is when carrying either hot or cold water. If the pipe can’t withstand the heat, it’ll eventually melt. If it can’t withstand the cold temperature it’ll either become stiff or it may have blockages inside. So, what Fukuda did is use a pipe that was both heat and cold resistant!

This would mean that you’ll always have a hassle-free experience getting and drinking your water!


I highly recommend this product for those who want to have a long lasting and durable dispenser! I had an amazing time using this product and I hope you have a great time using it as well!



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