What are Home Theater Systems?

September 21, 2016 blog-img

People used to go to movie theaters when they want to watch a film and unwind after a stressful day. However, with the evolution of technology, affordable home appliances in the Philippines – and around the world – are now available and abundant. Now, people can watch their favorite films in the comfort of their own homes thanks to DVD players and wide-screen televisions.

Although plenty of people are starting to appreciate home theaters, some people still favor movie theaters. After all, TVs have smaller screens and, sometimes, even low quality speakers too compared to theaters. However, through continuous innovations, people now have more options for their home theater setups. As a result, more people are turning their rooms into home theaters. Home theaters used to involve a projector and a screen – both of which are too expensive. Nowadays, more affordable alternatives are available and these devices are often more superior compared to the usual home theater equipment. More and more movie enthusiasts are enjoying the convenience of a home theater without the lack of the quality in picture and sound. 


What is a Home Theater System?

Viewing movies in a home theater system is somewhat similar to watching films in movie houses. For the most part, location is the only difference between the two. A home theater system can be as simple as a few AV devices in your home’s TV room or as complex as an entire room renovated to look like a movie theater. It is designed to provide high quality video and audio experience to viewers without leaving their residence. Some people are confused with how a home theater system works. Don’t worry because it is not always an overwhelming set of cables and equipment. It really depends on the user on how simple or complex he or she wants the setup to be.

Surround sound is the factor that sets a home theater apart from an ordinary television setup. If you want a proper surround-sound, you need to have two speakers in front of you, two to your sides, and one behind you. The most prominent sounds usually come out of the front speakers. If in the movie, the sound is coming from the right side of the screen, the audio will also come from the right speaker. Meanwhile, if someone is walking behind the character, you will be able to hear the footsteps at the back speaker. 


Benefits of a Home Theater System

For some people, home theaters are considered as luxuries or something so elaborate to the point that it is unnecessary. There are many benefits in investing on a home theater. For one, a home theater system is tailored to suit your needs; you have the freedom to choose the equipment and the room where your home theater system will be installed.

A quality home theater will allow you to share an excellent viewing experience with your family and friends. You can watch concerts, movies, and sports events to your heart’s content. At the same time, your house will be the go-to place for you and your friends to watch your favorite shows.

When properly installed, a home theater system can turn your house into one of the best places to enjoy and appreciate movies and TV shows.

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