How You Can Make Sure That Your Home Has Good Ventilation

January 24, 2019 blog-img

What can you do to improve ventilation at home?

  1. Let air in
  2. Install exhaust fans
  3. Get a ventilation system
  4. Use electric fans to facilitate airflow


Air circulation is something that is usually overlooked in most homes in the Philippines. Many home appliances such as electric fans and air-conditioning units are actually useful for air ventilation at home and in commercial areas. But most people just get them for the comfort that they bring.

Good ventilation regulates the temperature at home, removes impurities such as dust and dirt, prevents mold from growing, and creates a more pleasant and safe breathing environment.

With that being said, when you don’t use these appliances or don’t put any effort into ensuring that you have good ventilation, you can end up with a home that has poor air circulation. This can be a hazard to your health. Don’t let air stagnate in your home; always look for a way to let air flow.

But of course, not every home is made the same. Sometimes, you might find an area at home that has bad ventilation. Make sure that your home has good air circulation with these tips and tricks!


Let Air In

Let Air In

You don’t always need the latest home appliances in the Philippines to improve your homes air circulation. Sometimes, all you need is a bit of fresh air. Leave your windows and doors open so that air from outside can go through your house! If you’re not particular about people potentially peeping in your house, then this may be your best option. But you have to make sure of a few things to make sure that this is a very efficient method for you.

First off, you should only do this if your house is in an area that doesn’t get a lot of air pollution. Smoke and other unpleasant smells will just worsen the air quality of your home. Opening your doors and windows will also leave you wide open to noise.

With that being said, getting a screen for your windows and doors is highly recommended if you plan on going this route. This will stop insects and pollutants (to some extent) from entering your home. The screen also acts as a sort of translucent barrier, so you won’t feel so vulnerable!

If you’re living in a slightly secluded area where roads and noisy neighbors aren’t really near you, then simply opening your windows and doors is an excellent option for you!


Install Exhaust Fans

Certain places in your home are simply prone to abnormal air circulation. For example, the kitchen can get very hot and humid every time you cook if you don’t have any kind of ventilation system installed. Your bathroom, on the other hand, can feel quite cramped and humid without at least a window to let out.

Getting exhaust fans lets you blow air outside of your home so humidity and contaminants aren’t stagnating. Additionally, it also draws in air and moisture inward, basically balancing out indoor and outdoor ventilation!


Get a Ventilation System Installed

Get a Ventilation System Installed

This option might not be feasible to some because it entails having your home renovated to some extent. Installing a ventilation system simply means you’re going to insert vents that move air around your home (which is a good idea if you have a large home). Though it’s a great thing to do to ensure your home has nice ventilation, in the Philippines, it might not be quite worth the investment.


Use Electric Fans to Facilitate Airflow

Use Electric Fans to Facilitate Airflow

One of the few appliances that will help you improve airflow in your home is an electric fan. These standing fans can be strong enough to provide adequate airflow in your home. That being said, it can also be used to direct air in a certain direction. For example, in the Philippines, TVs are placed near the cone of air that fans blow because it can help stop them from overheating.

Nowadays that’s not as commonly done, but it can certainly be seen in some places. By placing fans in relatively strategic areas around your house, you’ll be able to make sure that every nook and cranny will experience at least a small amount of air flow, greatly improving your home’s ventilation!

The beauty of electric fans is that they when they’re the stand-alone type, you can place them anywhere that’s near a power outlet! This makes them quite versatile and great for quick airflow fixes!


Key Takeaway

A house with bad air circulation is dangerous to anyone that lives in it. Not only are bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants left undisturbed, condensation from humidity might even cause damage to the structure and contents of your home!

In the Philippines, TVs and fans are probably the two most sought-after home appliances simply because of the comfort that they bring. One brings entertainment, while the other makes sure that the house has great air circulation and is free from airborne pollutants. Make sure your house has good ventilation and reap the benefits that come with it!

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