Fukuda Appliances Price List

May 18, 2021 blog-img

What is included in the best-selling Fukuda Appliances price list?

  1. Fukuda Electric Fans
  2. Fukuda Audio Appliances
  3. Fukuda Televisions
  4. Fukuda Garment Care Appliances
  5. Fukuda Kitchen Appliances
  6. Fukuda Accessories

Other than being the best electric fan brand in the Philippines, Fukuda also offers various appliances for the Filipino home. From karaoke machines, Smart televisions, washing machines, kitchen cookware, and more—they can provide you with high-quality products for an affordable price. If you’re interested in the Fukuda appliances price list, keep on reading to learn more!

Fukuda Electric Fans

Fukuda Electric Fans

Are you looking for affordable electric fans in the Philippines? Fukuda offers the best wall fans, desk fans, stand fans, and more!

Fukuda SF167AS 16” Stand Fan

For a minimalist look, many customers like the seamless and sleek design of this Fukuda Electric Stand Fan. Available in white and black, it features a 5 leaf blade for stronger winds, 3-speed control for adjustability, and an adjustable neck and height! It’s available for only 1,498 pesos.

Fukuda FS169 16” Industrial Stand Fan

If you’re looking for an industrial stand fan in the Philippines, Fukuda also offers an affordable one for only 1,298 pesos. It features an aluminum blade, a stylishly coated fan guard, and adjustable height and speed.

Fukuda FRF720S 7” Rechargeable Solar Fan

Do you experience frequent brownouts? Get ready for this situation with a unique rechargeable solar fan! For less than a thousand pesos, you have a fan with a solar panel and built-in battery. It also has LED lights for night use.

Fukuda Audio Appliances

Fukuda Audio Appliances

Fukuda is known for its karaoke equipment during its early years, today they also offer high-quality home theater systems. You can also find DVD players, soundbars, and multimedia speakers on the website!

Fukuda KaraBoxBounce FAS750+ Karaoke/Party Speaker

Family gatherings are more fun with karaoke sessions. The KaraBoxBounce FAS750+ features Bluetooth connectivity so you can play songs from your own device. It also has a USB, TF Card, and AUX ports. With a microphone, you only need to pay 4,498 pesos.

Fukuda FHT80RUS 2.1 Ch Home Theater Speaker

Are you looking for high-quality sounds for your movie nights? This 2.1 home theater speaker is available for only 3,998 pesos. It already includes Bluetooth connectivity, a USB Port, an SD Card Slot, FM Radio, 2 satellite speakers, and a subwoofer!

Fukuda Televisions

Fukuda Televisions

Televisions are a must-have in Filipino homes. Whether you watch Philippine telenovelas or follow a Netflix series, you need them for family bonding time!

Fukuda FLED2401C 24″ HD LED TV

If you’re looking for high-definition televisions, you can get them at Fukuda. This 24-inch model is available for only 6,499 pesos. You can also choose from 32 and 40-inch variants for affordable prices!

Fukuda FLED55SMRT4K 55″ Smart 4K LED TV

Are you looking for a branded smart 4k television in the Philippines? Fukuda offers you the best value for your money with this 55” Smart TV. With 4k capability, you and your family can enjoy a cinematic viewing experience. Gamers will also appreciate it! It’s yours for only 25,998 pesos.

Fukuda Garment Care Appliances

Fukuda Garment Care Appliances

Are you dreaming of the ultimate laundry room? With various types of washing machines and clothes ironing products, Fukuda can help you!

Fukuda FAWM70 7kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

A fully automatic machine can help you automatically manage your laundry—from water filling, washing, rinsing, drying, and power off. These features are time-saving, effective, and energy-efficient. For better time management, you can also use the pre-set function to schedule your loads! This Fukuda washer and dryer is available for only 9,998 pesos.

Fukuda FI99SIA Dry & Steam Iron

Uniforms such as polo shirts, slacks, and A-line skirts need to be ironed for school or work. This dry & steam iron home appliance features a non-stick soleplate for a hassle-free ironing experience. It also has adjustable temperature control for different fabric types! You can get it for only 548 pesos.

Fukuda Kitchen Appliances

Fukuda Kitchen Appliances

Do you need rice cookers, water dispensers, gas stoves, electric kettles, or an electric stove? You can get them from the best kitchen appliance brand, Fukuda!

Fukuda FTB101 Turbo Broiler Halogen Oven

Lechon manok, crispy liempo, pinaputok na tilapia, and even pastries—there are countless recipes you can make in a turbo broiler! For easy cooking with less oil, you can get this Fukuda kitchen appliance for less than 2,000 pesos!

Fukuda FPC24M 8QT. Pressure Cooker

Are you craving soft and tender meat in your pork menudo, beef kaldereta, and chicken adobo? With this pressure cooker from Fukuda, you can achieve restaurant-quality dishes that are full of flavor. Get it now for only 999 pesos!

Fukuda Hardware

If you need some hardware for your home, you can also order it from Fukuda. From rechargeable lamps, baby cameras, and a network video recorder, they got it!

Fukuda FRL4W Rechargeable Lamp

With 20 pieces of LED light, this rechargeable lamp is bright and energy-efficient. It can be charged via USB for 3 to 5 hours before the 3.7V 1500mAH lithium battery is full. It also features overcharge and discharge protection so it can last for a long time! This affordable lamp can be bought for only 498 pesos.

Fukuda FCM824-1PTM IP Camera (Indoor)

If you need a reliable IP camera for indoor use, Fukuda has one available for only 4,490 pesos. You can use this for remote viewing when you’re out on an errand or vacation! Some even use it as a baby camera because it has a built-in microphone and night vision capabilities.

Key Takeaway

From electric fans, kitchen appliances, and even hardware, Fukuda offers countless goods and accessories for your home. With affordable prices and functional features, you’re getting the best value for your money!

This Fukuda Appliances Price List only lists some of the products that this brand offers. If you’re interested to see more models and variants, you can always check out the online store here!

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