Fabrics 101: All About Ironing

July 12, 2016 blog-img

Several high quality and affordable home appliances in the Philippines can be easily bought in various shops all over the country. Refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners/electric fans, microwaves, and irons are just some of the necessary devices that should be present in every household.

Among the aforementioned appliances, irons are perhaps one of the most vital when it comes to fabric care. It is a device that is primarily used to straighten the creases in your clothes. Aside from knowing how to wash garments efficiently, you should also learn how to properly iron them. Washing and ironing fabrics accordingly will help lengthen the life of your garments.

Ironing Properly

How are your ironing skills? Contrary to what most people think, smoothing and straightening clothes through irons is not that simple. As a matter of fact, plenty of people can’t seem to get it right! To make sure that your ironing skills are spot-on, follow these tips:

  1. Prepare the ironing board, iron, and clothes that need to be pressed before anything else in order to save time.
  2. Always check the label instructions of the garments before ironing – or even washing – them.
  3. Segregate the apparel based on their fabrics. Some cloth materials require a ‘special’ setting so grouping them accordingly will help you avoid accidentally using the wrong setting. Below are different types of fabrics and the setting you should use when ironing them:
  • Cotton and linen – light to medium temperature
  • Silk – light temperature
  • Wool – medium to hard temperature
  • Acrylic and acetate – cool temperature
  • Nylon and polyester – “dry” temperature (if you accidentally burn this fabric, continue ironing the cloth instead of letting it dry. Afterwards, get a paper to wipe off the blackened area in order to try and lessen the charred residue)
  1. Spray ironing water in your clothes. However, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, using clean water will do.
  2. Last but not the least, do not forget to hang up the ironed clothes as soon as possible so that your hard work would not be wasted. It will also decrease the chance of your clothes getting wrinkled.


Few Additional Reminders

  1. Never neglect the quality of your iron. It must be in good shape at all times – make sure that it is not rusting and that it still adjusts to the right temperature. Clean the iron with a cloth dipped in a mixture of water and baking soda; use a Q-tip for places that are hard to clean.
  2. Place an aluminum foil under the ironing board. This will lessen the effort that you need to exert as the foil reflects the heat of the iron, smoothing the underside of the clothes while you iron the topside.
  3. Iron in a straight motion. Use back and forth strokes instead of circular motions because it may stretch the cloth and weaken its quality.
  4. Iron dark clothes inside out. This will help avoid leaving residues on your ironing board.

Iron is just one of the most common and affordable home appliances in the Philippines. Use it efficiently to lengthen the life of your clothes as well as your device. Follow the tips above to maintain your garments and appliance in good condition at all times.

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