Complete Your Dream Home with these Appliances in the Philippines

February 19, 2019 blog-img

What appliances should your dream home have?


  1. Big screen TVs
  2. Speakers with Bluetooth compatibility
  3. Laundry and kitchen appliances


Everyone has their own version of a dream home. Oftentimes, you’d see it as an extremely modernized building with a lot of rooms, a fairly spacious living room, and tons of furniture and appliances. That’s usually how a person’s ideal home looks.

However, a more realistic version of a dream home doesn’t always look like this. In the Philippines, appliances at home are more prevalent than your usual furniture. You can say that functionality is valued more than design. If you really want to be as thrifty as you possibly can in achieving your dream home, then this is what your mindset has to be.

A dream home that is aesthetically appealing, easy on the pockets, and highly functional is quite hard to achieve. If that’s what you’re aiming for, then here’s a short list of essential appliances that will make your dream home as functional as it is great!


Big Screen TVs

A staple in any home, televisions are probably one of the most sought-after appliances that people get. They’re your portal to show business and your source of the daily news (if you don’t fancy reading the newspaper). It brings about entertainment for the whole family and having it just makes your home a tad more modern.

Nowadays, you’ll find televisions that are large and slim, perfect for movie nights. Aside from their size, you’ll also find so-called smart TVs becoming more popular. These TVs act like a smart device where you can go on the Internet and watch your favorite series there. Alongside that, they can also be controlled by your phone if you have the right functionalities for it.

And of course, gaming is an incredibly popular hobby now. A lot more people see it in a more positive light, which is why these giant 55” TVs are the best possible monitors for your gaming console! Be it a PS4, an Xbox, or even your computer, once you connect them to a screen as big as this, you’ll experience a totally different feeling of both gaming and viewing.

There are a lot of different TVs now, but the slim, large, and smart TVs are the popular choices nowadays just because of what they bring to a home.


Speakers with Bluetooth Capabilities

Speakers with Bluetooth compatibility

Music has become something of a lifestyle for most people. They would usually have a set of earphones with them every time they went out. Oftentimes they’ll have music playing while they’re doing something else. In any case, people usually find the time to always listen to music. That means they’ll probably have speakers placed in their rooms or at home. Now, if you were to ask anyone an essential device that they would want in their dream home, they would probably choose a set of good speakers.

Taking it up a notch, Bluetooth speakers that can be heard all over your home is something that can be implemented as well. For anyone that is a major fan of music, this is a must for their dream home. For those that are slightly less enthusiastic about it, a speaker system that encompasses the living room, or a small home theater would do the trick.
That being said, it’s important for you to know the functionalities of your speakers. Will you settle for a plug and play system, or will you need Bluetooth compatibility? It largely depends on what you’re planning on using the device for.
Some sound systems are versatile and come with numerous speakers, making it possible for you to install at least one speaker in every room you have!


Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

Of course, no dream home will be complete without a means to keep clothes clean and cook food. It’s vital that you would have at least a washing machine and your own clothes iron for all of your clothes, and a refrigerator and a stove for your kitchen. Even if you were missing at least one of these, your home would never be complete.
Make sure that you have a washing machine that is capable of handling the amount of dirty clothes that your family usually goes through. This would prevent it from getting overused. You should also choose clothes irons that don’t heat up drastically to prevent burning your clothes.

Lastly, every home should have a refrigerator and a stove. Without both, you won’t even have the basic appliances needed for you to be able to eat something at home! In the Philippines, microwaves are also very important so that you can heat up food when you’re in a hurry. Never disregard these appliances as they are probably the most essential among all the home appliances in the Philippines!


Key Takeaway

Your dream home is not just made up of expensive furniture and the latest appliances. It’s important that you make sure that you get the most practical appliances as well, apart from a couple of essential entertainment systems that you really want. Be smart with your decisions as you furnish your dream home. Always go for the most practical and the most functional appliances there are!

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