Dishes You Can Create Using Only a Rice Cooker

January 4, 2019 blog-img

What can you cook in a rice cooker besides rice?

  1. Frittatas
  2. Giant pancakes
  3. Soups and stews
  4. Pork roasts


Among all the kitchen appliances in the Philippines, there’s one that stands out not because it has all the state-of-the-art components and multiple functionalities, but because of it one-dimensionality. When people talk about the rice cooker, they can only think of one use for it: to cook rice.

In the Philippines, rice cookers are considered staple appliances in every household. Rice is to Filipinos what bread or mashed potato is to Westerners. It will always be found in a plate of anyone who’s eating in the Philippines.

That’s what makes rice cookers so important. It is designed to cook rice perfectly for the consumption of the whole family! However, rice cookers are not as one dimensional as people would think them to be.

In fact, even though the name of the item itself is so focused on cooking rice, there’s no doubt that it can also be used to cook other dishes! Truth be told, a rice cooker is a versatile piece of equipment often likened to the slow cooker. Either way, a rice cooker is not just a pot for cooking rice, it can be used to cook so much more! Just take a look at some of the dishes you can make with it here!



Eggs are a great food choice to pair with rice. It’s also something that you can cook fairly easily using a rice cooker! A frittata is a popular egg-based dish that you can cook in your rice cooker. All you have to do is to pre-cook some vegetables (you can use a microwave if you want to make this simpler) and then whisk some eggs right into the rice cooker. Add all the ingredients you want to the egg mixture and put it on the regular rice setting.

When it’s done, you’ll have a quick breakfast for at least two or three people!

If a frittata is too much, you can also choose to just boil some eggs in the rice cooker. You can boil a lot of them at the same time. And when you’re done boiling them, the shell will be easy to peel off!  This will take longer though, so frittatas are your best bet for egg dishes made in a rice cooker!


Giant Pancakes

Giant Pancakes

When you think of a pancake, the first thing that comes to mind is round and flat pastries that are topped with syrup and butter. You won’t think of a giant sponge cake fresh from the rice cooker. But you can make it all on your own!

If you plan on doing so, just do what you normally do when you make a pancake batter, but be a lot more generous! You’re using a rice cooker to make a giant pancake after all.

You can mix all the ingredients straight into a bowl! Once you’re done mixing it, put it into the rice cooker and let it cook for 45 minutes.  If you got all the measurements correctly (which can be different depending on the rice cooker you’re using) it would come out with an incredibly appealing an even color all around. Just the way it looks will get your mouth watering!


Soups and Stews

Soups and Stews

Rice cookers are amazing for anything that has some sort of soup or sauce. It already uses a pot so preparing everything is pretty much the same as how you do it on the stove! Of course, soups are also fairly simple to make—you simply have to throw everything into the pot and wait for it to get cooked!

The catch is you have to learn to add ingredients in reverse order of how long you think they’ll take to cook. It would take some time, but when you master it, it’s like cooking on an odd slow cooker!

There’re no rules as to using the rice cooker for soup and stews. You can experiment all you want! Just remember that you must take note of how much is in that pot. Don’t let it overflow!


Pork Roasts

As mentioned, a rice cooker can be used as an alternative to a slow cooker, so pork roasts or any meat that can be cooked slowly can be a great choice!

To make pork roasts, most of the procedures remain the same. Put all your ingredients in the rice cooker and then start off the rice-cooking cycle setting. Once it changes to the warm setting, leave it for another hour. Once you get your meat, it’ll be perfectly cooked!


Key Takeaway

A rice cooker isn’t as one-dimensional as it may seem. It can be used to cook so much more! In fact, when used properly, a family can live with just a rice cooker as their only kitchen appliance in the Philippines! It needs a lot of knowledge about cooking though, and remember that for some dishes, it’s just an alternative. Try it out on your own and see just how versatile a rice cooker can be!

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