The Console Gamer Starter Set

January 8, 2019 blog-img

What are the things that a console gamer needs?

  1. A big monitor
  2. A good sound system
  3. Great headsets
  4. A comfy seat
  5. Other add-ons


In recent years, video gaming surfaced to the mainstream has become a worldwide trend. With console and PC games getting more and more popular, there’s bound to be a surge in the number of gamers in the Philippines. Home appliances are being used in order to supplement consoles and personal computers. They are used to enhance the overall experience of playing—something that even the most casual of gamers will highly appreciate!

It’s relatively inappropriate for PC gamers to use giant flat screens as their monitor of choice. Because of their proximity to the screen, it can do more bad things than good. That’s why they stick with relatively small monitors.

When it comes to consoles, however, they need their own monitor and sound system for it to be maximized. Since the consoles are basically just a processing device for the games, it needs other appliances to be used.

For those who are just starting to or planning on becoming a console gamer, there are a few appliances that you are going to need before anything else. Of course, you can use a lot of other devices, but these are the most essential ones.


A Big Monitor

A Big Monitor

On its own, a console is just a processing device. It requires a monitor for you to view its operating system. Basically, the monitor will be the screen wherein you’ll see all the important information provided by the console. It’s where you play the games.

In most cases, people would choose to go for the bigger monitors because it adds to the immersion. Bigger screens provide more depth and an overall better experience. Some games are also designed to expand their field of view when it detects that the screen you’re using is larger than usual.


A Good Sound System

Along with good visuals, you should have a nice sound system to go with your console. Often, the built-in audio systems of monitors won’t do the console justice. In that sense, it’s highly recommended that you use home theater speakers. You can either opt for ones that are positioned all over your room or just stand-alone speakers that are loud and clear enough for you to enjoy.


Great Headsets

Great Headsets

PC games aren’t the only ones that provide multiplayer functionalities — many console games are also equipped with such! In most cases, the controllers provided already act as both a mic and a secondary speaker. However, the quality of both its input and output are quite low.

In situations wherein you really want to communicate with the people you’re playing with, then it would be best for you to make use of headsets that are equipped with a quality mic.


A Comfy Seat

A Comfy Seat

Console gamers don’t necessarily need a computer chair or a gaming chair. All they need is a place where they can sit down and play the game at a reasonable distance. Most people who have consoles usually place them in the living room where the largest TV and the sofas are placed. A lot of people want to be as comfortable as possible when playing video games. That would mean sitting or even lying down on the sofa while playing.

Of course, the best thing that you can do is to sit down as that’s the posture that will best keep you alert and awake. But don’t let that stop you from lying down or going prone just to play video games!


Other Add-ons

The rise of virtual and augmented reality has paved the way for VR games of different shapes and sizes. From the simplest ones to full VR makeovers of existing games, to VR exclusives, Virtual reality equipment is slowly becoming a necessity for most PC and console gamers.

Because of this, the need for a VR headset has skyrocketed. There’s already a niche for people that only play VR games, so if you’re planning on at least trying it out, then you might as well get one for you and, anyone else that might want to play some VR games!

You shouldn’t forget about the console classics that use motion capture, however. These games brought the console to the limelight since it was only them that could handle it at the time. It signaled a revolution, that video gaming can also be used to encourage physical activities.


Key Takeaway

Becoming a gamer is no longer something that you should be ashamed of. With some home appliances already designed to cater to gamers themselves, gaming has already become accepted across many demographics. Appliances such as home theater speakers and flat-screen TVs are some of these devices. Becoming a gamer, however, requires you to be fully prepared and equipped. That means you need to have certain equipment and devices to be able to play with it. Make sure that you have most, if not all the equipment listed above if you plan on becoming a console gamer!

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