Why Should You Consider Buying an LED TV?

December 9, 2016 blog-img

In the Philippines, affordable TVs are a huge deal because one of the Filipino people’s favorite pastime is gathering in the living room to watch their favorite noontime show or teleserye.

Through the years, this useful device went through a series of makeovers. Today, technology has made it possible for different types of TVs to be available in the market, providing people with more options to choose from. Lately, the most popular kind is flat screen TV; not only because of its sleek and stylish look, but because of the color and quality that it produces as well. LED TV is a flat screen television that is slowly gaining the attention of many. Here’s why: 

  1. Excellent Picture Quality

LED TVs are somewhat similar to LCD TVs. However, there is no doubt that the former are able to produce better image quality because of their higher contrast ratio. The backlighting schemes they produce are able to provide viewers with more accurate colors and better contrasts. In addition to that, the local dimming backlight feature found in LED displays also contribute in improving their picture quality compared to LCD TVs.

Furthermore, LED TV also has a sleek look that is much more energy-efficient than a plasma screen. This means that you can save more money if you purchase an LED display instead of buying other kinds of flat screens. 

  1. Produce Vivid Pictures

Producing vivid pictures is also not a problem for LED TVs because they generate brighter lights compared to fluorescent lamps. This means that if you put it inside a brightly lit room, its images will still appear in better quality compared to an LCD TV. Their screens are also non-reflective which means artificial and natural lights will not be a problem as you watch your favorite show. 


  1. Efficiency

LED TVs do not just produce vivid and high quality pictures, they are also more efficient and long-lasting compared to other displays. This type of screen uses LED bulbs surrounded with “petals” that are specially designed to absorb heat. These bulbs remain unheated while the petals contain the heat energy, making the radiated material produced by your device 100% light.

The petals around the bulbs also ensure that your LED TV will not give off too much heat. Heat, after all, will no doubt shorten the lifespan of your television.   

  1. Uses Less Power

LCD and plasma TVs consume so much power, causing your electricity bill to rise. On the other hand, LED displays use 30 to 40% less power than the other two, helping you save money. However, you should remember to check how much power an LED TV will be consuming before you buy it because the energy consumption varies from model to model.

If you are planning to purchase a TV, consider buying an LED display. This will allow you to save money while enjoying better image quality for a long period of time.

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