Build Your Own Home Theater This Christmas!

December 21, 2018 blog-img

What should you take note off when creating a home theater?

  1. Get the right appliances
  2. Set the theater layout
  3. Keep the viewers in mind


There’s nothing better than enjoying a night out watching a movie with your family. But with rising theater admission prices and the steady decline of the movie-going experience, sometimes you just want to enjoy a movie or a series from the comfort of your home. And that’s something that is achievable. Home appliances in the Philippines are already used in many creative ways, so why not try it out yourself and create your own home theater experience!

Having your own home theater is perfect if you have an extra room that isn’t being used or if you’re planning to style up your living space. A home theater is exactly what you need to make your home a destination in and of itself!

Of course, creating your own home theater isn’t a walk in the park. You need to have the necessary appliances and equipment to make it as good as possible! You should also have the right layout in mind to make sure that it will really feel like your own private theater.

Take note of these things that you need to make your own home theater come true!


Get the Right Appliances

Get the Right Appliances

The very basics of what you need will be a large TV screen and home theater speakers. This should also include all the wirings involved such as the HDMI cable.

Knowing what to buy is the first step. Making sure that you buy the right ones and that your purchase is as cost-efficient as possible is the real challenge. Today, you can buy appliances in almost every commercial that has even the slightest focus on technology. You can even buy appliances straight from the Internet nowadays!

You have to be careful, though, because not every shop will provide you with products that are of high quality. There are some that sell secondhand, or worse, counterfeit appliances—something that you should always avoid.

To get over this hurdle, always consider purchasing straight from a trusted distributor. A store that sells products that are directly sourced from the manufacturer is your best bet for this.

You should also remember to pick the most practical products; you don’t necessarily need to get the largest television set you can. What you need is a TV that will fit where you plan to put it in. Make sure that the speaker cabinets and cables are properly wired to accommodate your home theater!

Lastly, make sure that you take advantage of sales and promos of appliance stores. Buying appliances may sometimes be a bit pricey, but if you wait for the right time and with a bit of luck, you’ll find a deal that will suit your home theater needs!


Set the Theater Layout

Make sure that you have enough space for your home theater setup. You need to take note of the distance between where you’re going to sit and the screen, as well as the extra space around the room for other people to watch.

Simply installing a flat screen TV in front of your sofa doesn’t equate to a home theater. You need to be able to isolate the space or at least turn off every light around it to make sure that you’ll get the ultimate viewing experience. That means if there are any windows in the room, you have to block the sun out entirely.

You also have to place the TV screen at just the right place. You shouldn’t be looking up at it—humans aren’t made to look up for long periods. It can cause pain in both the neck and the shoulders. Keep the screen eye-level. You should also place it not too far, and not too close to you. Keep the viewing distance in mind when setting up your home theater!


Keep the Viewers in Mind

Keep the Viewers in Mind

It’s quite hard to replicate the home theater experience, but it is too easy to ruin it if you ignore windows, doors, and even the seating arrangement! Remember that when you’re watching at home with everyone else in the house, there’s a high chance that others find a way to annoy you from time to time. Examples of this include the opening and closing of the doors, breaking immersion or simply loud music playing from the room next door.

When it comes to the people you’re watching with, you should always remember the layout of your seats. It would be great if you provide ample space for everyone while making sure that the viewing experience of a person won’t be affected when someone wants to go to the restroom or simply take a break.


Key Takeaway

Creating a home theater system is achievable as long as you have the funds and the space for it. Having one at home can be an advantage, especially if you want something fun to do with your family and friends.

At the end of the day, a home theater system will provide you with a nice option for bonding and relaxing with your friends and family — something you’ll look forward to whenever the stress of life gets to you.

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