Beginner’s Kitchen Must-Haves

April 21, 2016 blog-img

Living independently is exciting. In your new house, you are your own boss and this newfound freedom is exhilarating. However, in some aspects, it can be daunting too – if you haven’t touched a spatula or frying pan your whole life, how will you feed yourself without your parents’ help? First things first, you have to purchase the items needed in order to cook a meal. Fortunately for you, stores that offer affordable kitchen appliances in the Philippines are aplenty. Check out this list of must-have items for your new kitchen.

Knives and cutting board


Whether you’re dealing with fruit, meat, or vegetables, you are going to chop, slice, or peel food at some point while preparing a meal. That is why you should buy knives and a cutting board for your kitchen. You don’t need an entire arsenal of knives (which can be very costly), just two types of these sharp tools will do – a good-quality paring knife and a chef’s knife. While you’re at it, buy a cutting board to avoid damaging your countertop while chopping.

Oven toaster


While it can’t cook family-size meals like a regular oven, an oven toaster can be useful in re-heating left-overs, defrosting frozen meat, and roasting up some meat. You can even utilize it to make small batches of cakes, cookies, and even muffins! Oven toasters are ideal especially when you live in an apartment and you need something that has the capabilities of an oven but does not occupy as much space. Plus, oven toasters use less energy and are a easier to clean!



The Stove Top and the Refrigerator


The stove top and the refrigerator are the Big Two of the kitchen. They are the basic – yet essential – appliances that you should definitely have in your kitchen. Before you go and purchase these items, make sure to do a thorough research first. It is also important that you choose a stove top and a refrigerator that are energy efficient to avoid an increase in your electric bill.

Kitchen Tools


It’s tempting to go out there and buy all of the existing kitchen gadgets but, really, you just need the following basics: a pair of tongs, hand-operated can opener, vegetable peeler, and a box grater. The abovementioned kitchen tools are some of the mostly used items when preparing a meal so if you can, buy one of each.Make sure that you’re buying something multi-functional so that you can make the most out of your money (and save space in your countertop).


Two Pots and a Skillet

Purchase a large pot that you can use for cooking stews, as well as boiling vegetables. You should also get a small pot – something that can be used for making sauces and personal servings of pasta. The skillet will become your best friend in the kitchen because you can do a lot of things in it like frying, searing, and even making caramelized vegetables! Invest in high quality pots and skillets to ensure that they will last for a long time; After all, you don’t want to end up throwing your equipment away when their coating began to chip off.

The mentioned kitchen tools above are some of the basic, yet important, items needed to prepare food. Make sure to stock your kitchen with these essential tools so that you are equipped to cook a meal on your own; it will not only help you learn a new skill, it will also cut down your food budget!

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