3 Reasons Why Your TV Is More Than Just a Screen

January 15, 2019 blog-img

What other uses does your TV have?

  1. An escape from reality
  2. All-in-one social monitor
  3. Gaming consoles


Ever since the television was invented, it’s become something of a staple in most homes, particularly because of how good it is for entertainment purposes. People looking for home appliances in the Philippines will almost always have a TV in their checklist because let’s face it, live television is the pastime of the century.

Even today when mobile phones and the internet has taken over the pastime of most people in the Philippines, TVs remain relevant. It’s important to consider that modern day TVs are not as basic and one-dimensional as the ones from the past. Technology has made leaps and bounds, made evident by the many features that can be found on your TV today!

No longer is the TV just an outlet for television shows or news coverage. It has been integrated into the modern lifestyle and has become part of most families’ routines. There’s no denying that the television already a mainstay in everyone’s homes, but what exactly are the reasons why it’s more than just another appliances to buy? Take a look at our list to see for yourself!


It’s an Escape from Reality

It’s an Escape from Reality

Have you ever had the feeling of being truly immersed in the story of your favorite TV show? The experience might go as far as treating the characters in those shows as actual people because you can totally relate to what they do!

Your TV is a great diversion from the difficulties of the real world. You and the rest of your family might come home tired from school and from work. But because of how stressed you are, you’d rather keep things quiet for a while. Sometimes, though, when the TV is on and the family’s favorite TV series just started, everyone would flock to it and watch at the same time.

Not only does the television give you a few minutes of solace from the problems you are facing, it’s also a great opportunity for you and your family to bond and share some laughs and stories!

Another great pastime for a lot of people is to stream videos straight from the internet. Although it’s done through your mobiles or laptops nowadays, some smart TV screens enable you to connect to them, effectively making use of it as a monitor for your video viewing pleasure!

The TV is the entertainment center of your home, especially if you pair it with good home theater speakers. In the Philippines, TVs will always keep you entertained, even after the surge of mobile devices!


All in One Social Monitor

Thanks to a number of additional features, TVs can be a good alternative to laptops and computers. This is especially true if the primary function of your laptop is to just watch movies, binge YouTube videos, or check out social media sites.

Manufacturers of home appliances in the Philippines have concluded that most people like watching their favorite movies and series in screens larger than their phones and laptops.

TVs are also designed to make viewing easier on the eyes. The color balance on TVs is optimized specifically for watching movies and TV shows. However, some people dislike these color corrections and disable them on the get-go. Simply having the option to alter your viewing experience is a good feature that really makes smart TVs worth it!

Smart TVs are also a cost-effective choice for many people! Smart TVs are probably some of the best purchases for anyone that really values their watching experience. You get to enjoy high definition graphics on a larger screen that can also be connected to a high-quality audio system for maximum viewing pleasure!


Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

The introduction of game consoles helped a lot in the proliferation of TVs and monitors in general. Because most of these require a big screen to play comfortably, TVs became a very important part of every console gamer’s lives.

This trend continued to the modern day when consoles are still released as stand-alone systems, relying on TVs and computer monitors to complete the experience. Since video gaming is becoming more and more accepted within society, more people are opening their minds to letting their children play it.

Without TVs, gaming consoles would become less popular because it’s already a rather accepted notion that gaming consoles and TVs compliment each other so well.


Key Takeaway

TVs are not just the basic appliances that they once were. Thanks to the many advancements in technology and adaptations towards keeping up with what’s modern, TVs have become one of the home appliances that truly deserve a spot in your house.

TVs are one of the things that can bring a family together. Whether it’s watching their favorite prime time soap, binge-watching an entire series on Netflix, or playing the latest games on the PS4, TVs are something that everyone in the family will surely enjoy!

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