4 Appliances You Need for Your Home Entertainment System

October 27, 2022 blog-img

What appliances do you need for your home entertainment system? 

  1. Your TV & Projector
  2. The Video Source
  3. Home Theater Speakers
  4. A Projector

A home entertainment system gives the household space to relax and enjoy. Here, you’re able to watch your favorite TV programs and movies. You can even hook up your favorite gaming consoles!

But what appliance do you need for your home entertainment system? This article talks about all items you’ll need to have the full blow theater experience from the comforts of your own home. 

Your TV & Projector

The highlight of every home’s entertainment system is its TV. Bigger televisions give better picture qualities and a real home theater vibe. That’s why you should consider upgrading this to a 4K HD TV. This ensures you have optimum picture quality while having a ton of connectivity options built-in. 

There are many LED TVs for sale in Fukuda Asia. One of them is the Fukuda 55” Ultra HD Smart 4K LED TV. It has TV LCD Cinema vision with live colors and dynamic sound, making it perfect for your home entertainment system. 

When you have a bigger space for your entertainment system, some households consider getting a project to take entertainment up a notch. With this, you can project movies to a much bigger space just like in the cinemas. This can either be done on a plain wall or a separate screen.

The Video Source

The Video Source

Today, there are many places where you can stream and download your favorite programs and movies. From Blu-ray players to 4K media players to digital platforms, the choices are almost limitless. 

Some of these video sources will need to be separate appliances like the Blu-Ray player. However, most shows and movies are now available to stream on the internet through various platforms. This is easily done through smart TVs. It allows you to easily connect to not only external appliances but also the WiFi and various Bluetooth connections. 

A good option from Fukuda Asia would be the Fukuda 43” Smart Digital Full HD LED TV. It is equipped with a 43” Quad Core Processor, WiFi, and surround technology.  

Home Theater Speakers

Home Theater Speakers

The first choice when it comes to your entertainment system’s audio are its speakers. These are what give great sound quality, and the entire system can be upgraded by just adding a few more speakers in the room. 

There are different kinds of speaker set-ups for you to choose from. 

Kinds of Speaker Set-Ups

  • Traditional home theater set-up

This set-up has the most number of speakers: your center speaker, left and right speakers, rear left and right speakers, and subwoofer. The system’s center speaker is where you’ll hear the dialogue that what it’s usually placed below the TV. On the other hand, the subwoofer provides low-frequency sounds like the bass. 

When you set this up, you need to make sure that the left and right speakers are bigger than the rear speakers. Additionally, the rear left and right speakers are placed behind the audience. This gives the entire room a surround-sound effect.

  • A basic speaker set-up

If your room is much smaller or you’re on a tighter budget, having two speakers set up on either side of the TV is enough. This is known as the stereo set-up, the music-listening standard, 

Even with just two speakers, you already elevate the sound experience. It produces better and louder sounds compared to the speakers on televisions. 

If you’re looking to upgrade the stereo set-up, you can consider adding a central speaker. You’ll be able to hear the dialogue better with this upgrade. With these three speakers, you already level up the sound to one of a home theater. 

  • A soundbar

If you have very limited space for home entertainment appliances, you can consider getting a soundbar. This is a sleek kind of speaker that can rest just in front of your television. 

A soundbar already has three kinds of speakers built inside: the left, center, and right. They give you a 3.0 solution in a sleek device. However, you can’t compare this to the sound of 3 speakers. Audio from a soundbar can be relatively softer especially if placed in a bigger room. 

Consider the size of the room

Not all home theater systems look the same. That’s because they’re placed in different-sized rooms. This should be the basis of the appliances that you need for your home entertainment system. 

Before purchasing appliances you think you’ll need, survey the room. Take note of how big it is and its style. From there, you’ll be able to gauge what kind of appliances to get. 

In terms of sound, getting big speakers is always the better choice, but if the room is too small, you may want to size it down. You can also consider the placement of different appliances. Will you want your speakers and TV hung on the wall? Or will you need to set it up around the room? 

Once you’ve made those decisions, you’ll be able to think of what equipment will suit your home entertainment system the best. 

Key Takeaway 

There are many appliances that you need for your home entertainment system. Depending on the space and your budget for this room, you’ll be able to determine the appliances that you’ll need. 

If you’re looking for entertainment and kitchen appliances in the Philippines, check out our website here Fukuda Asia. We carry a wide range of appliances from washing machines to fans to speakers. 

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