Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

May 30, 2016 blog-img

If you think about it, washing machines are nothing short of magical. They can clean an entire week’s worth of laundry in an hour, without needing any supervision! All you have to do is set it according to your preferences and it will do the job on its own. The problem however is that this affordable home appliance in the Philippines is sometimes taken for granted. Instead of treasuring this helpful device, there are people who use it so carelessly.

Do not let your washing machine deteriorate over time because of misuse. Follow the tips below in order to care for your appliance properly and avoid damaging it beyond repair.

Make Sure it’s on a Stable, Level Surface

Ensure that your washing machine is situated in a flat, even surface. If it’s not, level the feet until it’s balanced. Since spinners move at high speeds, the entire washer will surely be engulfed in vibrations, making it more vulnerable to damage if it’s not standing on a smooth and steady surface.

Understand the Settings

Normally, there are three main settings for washing machines: normal, medium, and strong. When it comes to standard loads like your shirts and blouses, use the normal setting. Use the medium setting for jeans and other tough materials. Meanwhile, you can set the machine to strong when washing bed sheets. If your washer has a gentle setting, use it to wash baby clothes. It’s important for you to know and understand which settings to use in order to avoid damaging your clothes.

Use it Gently

Remember to always use your washing machine gently, especially the knobs. Don’t use too much force when turning them and make sure to always turn the dials in the right direction; they are very sensitive and it doesn’t take much to break them.

Don’t Overload it with Clothes or Use too much Detergent

Load your washer as the manual recommends – avoid stuffing it with clothes just to save time or water. Also, don’t use too much soap; adding more detergent doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes will be cleaner afterwards. Cleaning powders are made of chemicals that can damage clothes, as well as corrode the components of your washing machine so use the recommended amount only.


Don’t Overlook Repairs

If you notice some strange noises coming from your machine or observe that some of its parts are becoming loose, call your repairman immediately. Putting it off will worsen the situation and result in expensive repairs.

Watch what You Wash

Don’t wash your rugs and carpets in the washing machine because it might cause internal damage to your motor. Also, make sure to check the pockets of your shorts and pants to ensure that they are empty before turning on the spinner. Otherwise, you’ll end up with broken electronics and torn cash.

Clean Regularly

Unfortunately, despite its efficiency when it comes to cleaning your clothes, your washing machine cannot wash itself. This means that it’s up to you to clean it to ensure that it runs properly. Check the lint filter and clean it before reattaching it. Detergent, as well as lint, clogs the water pipes so clean them too. Soap and stains, such as grease and dirt, might build up so make sure to run the machine with just water to wash them out. If you see rust, remove them and have the machine checked. In addition, if your machine has a dryer, check that, too. There will be lint in the dryer after every cycle which might clog the filter. In result, your clothes might shrink and the dryer might overheat.

No appliance – not even your washing machine – will last forever, so take care of it properly. By doing so, you are saving money; purchasing a new one will be unmistakably more expensive than keeping your current machine in good condition. Also, if your machine is damaged and it’s still under warranty, don’t hesitate to call customer service.

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