5 Uses of Your Washing Machine You Probably Never Heard of

5 Uses of Your Washing Machine You Probably Never Heard of

In the Philippines, home appliances are best valued as they are part of the family’s daily living – they help make chores much easier and faster to accomplish. While it may be tempting to buy new appliances for particular tasks, those may be of minimal value. Additionally, particular appliances with lesser value may even cost much more expensive than what you are expecting.

In addition, there are alternative ways that you can do out of your existing appliances – for instance, rice cooker where you can make special recipes aside from cooking rice. Great isn’t it? What more if you would learn the hacks on cleaning home appliances, notably the washing machine? You would definitely wish you have known this much earlier.

So to save you from all the hard work and further expenses, here are alternative uses of your washing machine that you probably never heard of (well, now you do!).



Cleaning posh toys

#1 Cleaning Posh Toys

Posh toys most likely have warning tags inserted on them saying “WARNING: Do not dry clean”, but don’t worry. You don’t have to endure the muscle pains from the usual cleaning of your kids’ posh toys – you can clean them on your washing machine. How? You just need to stash them inside the laundry bag (do not hesitate to put them inside another laundry bag if needed), and then wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle before air drying.




#2 Defrosting Frozen Foods

This may be hard to imagine, but yes, it is possible (and safe!). Just place your frozen food in a freezer bag, set the machine cycle into the delicate and cold water setting, and voila! Your frozen food will quickly defrost from the cold water in your machine.



washing caps

#3 Washing Caps

Most Filipinos tend to hand wash things that would most likely get torn or damage if it is washed from the washing machine – but caps should not be part of this category. If you have kids who like caps that much that they already have a collection of it – then you might as well buy the Ballcap Buddy Cap Washer. It would definitely make washing caps much easier and possible in a washing machine without deforming the caps.



deep cleaning sneakers

#4 Deep Cleaning Sneakers

This goes way back to the above-stated hack. Like caps, most sneakers are hand washed as people are afraid that it may damage the item. Hence, this should not be the case in this particular hack. You can make this possible with a washing machine. You just need to remove the laces and stash the sneakers and the laces inside a laundry bag, and deep clean it in your washing machine with the cool water setting on.



cleaning veggies

#5 Cleaning Veggies for Your Salad Recipe

You may not believe this but yes, with a washing machine, you may skip hand washing the veggies for your salad recipe and switch into a washing machine. All you need is a pillow case where you can stash the greens and put cold water and gentle mode setting on – then, you are done.



Key Takeaway

Given these hacks, you may most likely be weirded-out. However, with the right procedures, you will definitely make much use of your washing machine. The only thing you need to be responsible of is to take care of it. Appliances can be more than they are, for a longer time – if you know how to use them well. So, treat them right and they will definitely do more for you.

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