5 Tips to Maintain Your Appliances Properly

August 9, 2016 blog-img

Nowadays, everything is so convenient. You don’t need to wash clothes by hand any more or wait for the sun to come out to dry them. Truly, the inventions of many appliances made the lives of everyone easier. However, just because these appliances are convenient, doesn’t mean they’ll never cause you problems. If you do not take care of your affordable TV in the Philippines – or any other appliances – properly, you will end up making a big dent in your bank account or a hole in your pocket once you send it out for repairs.

If you don’t maintain them properly, these appliances can start fires or even electrocute the user. Without proper care, these devices can cause accidents which will not only damage the gadget, but you and your family as well.

To avoid hazards from happening, here are some tips on maintaining your appliances. 

Keep those cords tied up

Untie the cords of your appliances only when you’re about to use them or if you need it to be plugged in at all times. Also, make sure that the cord is in a place where nobody will trip over them. If the wire becomes exposed if the insulation breaks over time, have them replaced immediately. Frayed wires can cause fires or end up electrocuting anyone who uses them. 


Clean your stoves

If you’re one of those people who put aluminum foil on the bottom of your ovens or stoves to make it easier to clean or to catch food spills, you’re going to have to stop doing that. The foil messes with the airflow and the heat flow, which might result to you recalibrating your device. Instead of using foils, just use glass cleaners to cleanse the surface of your appliance. 

One at a time!

Don’t plug in several appliances all at once in one extension cord. This won’t cause a fire, but if your extension overloads, this might damage your appliances. Your house is wired to handle the power consumption of a home, not of a bigger building. This means that it’s your job to make sure that you don’t go over that limit.                                                                                                     

Keep away from water

Water conducts electricity and it also breaks appliances, so keep them away from the sink or the tub! Also, refrain from plugging in devices in wet areas to avoid electrical hazards. 

Clean them

Clean your appliances properly, however make sure it’s unplugged first. You don’t want your hand getting chopped off if your washer suddenly turns on while you’re cleaning it. In addition, if you’re cleaning any cooking appliance, unplug them so that the food won’t harden on the surface. If you’re handling blenders, be careful with the blades since they are sharp and can cut you when you’re washing them.

These are just some of the tips that you should follow in order to keep your appliances in tiptop shape. Any appliance that you failed to maintain properly might break and – no matter how affordable it was – it’s still going to be expensive to repair it. Remember, safety first!

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